Yoonla Academy Is Yoonla A Scam ? 2019

I was first introduced to Yoonla Academy  in a Facebook ad group. The post said something like, “Get Paid Just for collecting email addresses”. So I dove a bit deeper to find out what it was all about. I ended up landing on a squeeze page and after adding my information was directed to Yoonla Academy.

I would say the Yoonla is not a scam but there are quite few Yoonla affiliates that have had some poor experiences with the Yoonla affiliate platform. Some affiliates are reporting that they have to consistently prove their traffic sources and often get their earned commissions cut by up 75%.

Yoonla has gone through some rough times since it started in 2016.

They have changed the name of the program from Yoonla foundation to Yoonla Evolve and now Yoonla Academy. I recently had another email from Reno saying that they are soon launching Yoonla Mega . At the time of writing this post Yoonla servers are down so I am uncertain what is happening over there at Yoonla Academy.

yoonla academy servers are down


With all the uncertainly reported I decided to write a quick overview of what I know about Yoonal academy. I was going to write a Yoonla review as I did sign up and progressed through the 20 free lessons that were included. Honestly there wasn’t much there unless you are a complete beginner to affiliate marketing .

If that is the case, you can actually get free Affiliate Marketing by Clicking Here. Yes you will have to enter your email address nut you will not be spammed or up sold.

The purpose of entering your email address is to send you your login information for access to the training platform. It is called Wealthy Affiliate.

Unlike Yoonla Academy you won’t be told to buy hosting or an email autoresponder as you progress through the training.


You can check out the differences between Wealthy Affiliate and Yoonla, It pretty much speaks for itself .

Yoonla Academy In a Blink

PRODUCT NAME : Currently goes by Yoonla Academy

Website: https://www.yoonla.com/

Price: Free to start Training with the Digital Business Startup. Upgrades will run from $99.00 to $499.00 per month.

Owners: Reno Van Boven

Overall Rank: 4 out of 10

Do I recommend this Training Platform: No

What Training I do Recommend: You can read my full Wealthy Affiliate review here. Yes I am a member of Wa, but there is a good reason I am.

  • I truly believe that it is the best value for your money.
  • The training is current and is updated weekly
  • You can host up to 25 wordpress websites with domain names of your choice, plus 25 sub domain websites
  • All websites have SSL certificates included
  • Access to Jaaxy SEO keyword tool with unlimited searches.
  • A like minded community to answer any questions, access to website comments and feedback.

Those are just a few of the advantages of Wealthy Affiliate, you can read more about WA here .

What is Yoonla ?

Yoonla has evolved since its inception and is widely reviewed as a CPA opportunity. They used to pay $4 per t1 sign up and $2 per t2 sign ups this is no longer the case. Basically the way to earn money is ref fer people to join through your affiliate link. You then get a commission when your referral signs up to Wix hosting and Click Magic .

Inside you will find the free training consisting of 20,modules, each lesson is very basic and is anywhere from 2 minutes long to 15 minutes long. The training is very, very basic and empty.

The Training videos consist of the following short video lessons:

  • Introduction – Watch First – an overview of the platform
  • Passion, Knowledge & Niche- explains what a niche is and some suggestions how to determine your passion
  • Digital Revenue Sources- looks at Commission junction, Clickbank, Jvzoo affiliate platforms, nothing new here.
  • The Pro Website Hack,- Walks you through getting a Wix website and sign up for $14.50 per month for hosting. Reno kind of misleads you here and says you won’t get excepted on the major affiliate networks. Click bank and JV zoo don’t care if you have a web site or not.

Wix Pricing table wix pricing plan

  • Unlock Digital Revenue – walks through signing up to CJ, Clickbank and JVZoo Affiliate Program
  • Build Your Audience-  Reno walks through setting up a subscriber form to your wix website .
  • Uncover Your UVO – setting up your unique value offer, he talks about the possibilities of writing a course on what you have learned and offer that to your visitors ?
  • Done-for-You DBS Funnel – this is where the hook is you are asked to create a funnel account, they used to have to use a get response account but they have changed that.
  • The Multi-Revenue Formula –  talks about different ways you can monatize your website
  • The Moscow Model – basically talks about the fact that you need to make it clear what your visitors need to do. Normal this would be termed a call to action.
  • Testing for Profit – overview of customizing your squeeze pages in the karta members area.
  • Branding Your Business
  • Social Proof Conversions
  • Track to Increase ROI,  Reno walks through the process of signing up to Clickmagick to track your conversions. Clickmagick to track your conversions.


The remaining video modules

  • Build a Social Profile
  • Engage with Your Audience
  • Supporting Your Audience
  • The Green Traffic Light
  • DBS Complete
  • Repeat and Multiply
  • Pay it Forward

The rest of the training modules are the same. Well they cover some very basic steps to building a website ect , there isn’t much depth to any of it. Given the length of the training videos, 15 minutes is not long enough to cover much of anything.

Yoonla Academy overview the Good & the Bad

The Good:

  1. There is free training and it does cover the very basics of Affiliate marketing, building a web site and tracking your traffic.
  2. It costs you nothing but your time until lesson #4 if you sign up for Wix Hosting.

The Bad:

  • You have to sign up to all the programs to promote Yoonla academy.
  • The free training isn’t actually free.
  • You have very little control over your content .
  • According to other affiliate websites on the internet they are not always paying them for their lead generation. So not only are the affiliates losing on the CPA portion, but they losing upgrade commissions as well.
  • It is very expensive to upgrade @ $99 per month for Starter, $199.per month for Silver and $499 per month for Platinum. . yoonla academy upgrade

Who is Yoonla Academy For ?

Well Yoonla may have been good for budding webmasters back in the day, the business model has had it’s time in the sun. The training in my opinion is very, very basic. You can actually find more in depth affiliate marketing training on YouTube Free.

My Final Opinion of Yoonla Academy

Is Yoonla academy a scam, No. Is Yoonla academy something that I recommend, NO. There are far better choices that don’t cost an arm and a leg.

If you want to start a digital business, it is possible and you can get affiliate marketing training for free at Wealthy affiliate. You will also get 2 free wordpress websites with Site Rubix hosting and domain names included. You will have access to get any questions you have answered because of the live chat feature. None of this is possible with Yoonla academy.

You can read my full review on Wealthy Affiliate here or you can sign up 100% free here and see for yourself.

Actually you can get a free website here if you want to test drive the system.

Our try out the free keyword tool here .

Yoonla academy 2019 is coming out with a Done for you system in a few days , I believe it is March 28th according to an email I got a few days ago. I will be adding the information to this Yoonla Academy post when I have it . yoonla academy Done for you system in a few days

Until then, To your success Rick

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