Top SEO Marketing Trend for 2019

Top SEO Marketing Trend for 2019SEO is one of the most important aspects of internet marketing and it should be applied in all areas of your website so you can rank well with search engines. This is the exact reason that top SEO marketing professionals use the same methods we will explore. Things keep on changing and search engines are working harder resulting in better user experience . Search engines help users find results that are relevant to what they actually need. SEO, therefore, is no longer about filling your content with keywords so pages rank better . Today there are many other aspects that are being taken into consideration . Learning the latest trends and things that work, will help take your business to the next level.

UX signals and RankBrain algorithm

User experience signals have the significance today and they still grow in their importance. RankBrain has been one of the greatest factors used in ranking. It is a signal which has made a tremendous contribution to search result queries made. RankBrain can be defined as a stream which assists Google to actually sort out different search results. The signal is used to measure how the users interact with the results. It then  ranks the results according to that.

It has to do with how long a user stays on a website. One result can rank first, but it may not have the kind of content that the user and this may make many users bounce from it and onto another site. RankBrain notices this and some changes are made.

This means that pages can be ranked well, according to:

1. The dwell time, which is basically how much time a person stays on a given website and

2. The click through rate, which is the number of people who actually click on a specific search result.

Dwell time

RankBrain concentrates on dwell time. Google actually uses dwell time to rank results. Usually, the dwell time for most results that make it to the top of the search is around 3 minutes. It doesn’t come as a coincidence that the pages which boast a great dwell time are actually the best ranked. RankBrain up ranks sites based on this. This is based on the assumption that someone stays on a page longer because they actually like the content that is within. When most of the people spend a lot of time on the same page, it tends to be quite clear that the content within is indeed valuable.

CTR and RankBrain

Top SEO Marketing

It is possible for RankBrain to put a site higher in the search result than it truly deserves. However, when the page has CTR which is above average, the page truly deserves a boost in the ranking. If people don’t click on a result, Google may have on business showing it in the top results and vice versa. It is therefore necessary for you to try as much as you can to boost the CTR for your site. The organic CTR should be boosted and you should come up with Meta descriptions and title tags which are greatly engineered to get you more clicks.

In 2019, you will need to think more critically about CTR, especially if you want to make it big like the top SEO marketing pros do . This has to do with RankBrain, Google ads, Google lists, and Google wiki result.

Google seems to be crowding the organic results with sections like people also ask, carousels, Ads, and answer boxes. Therefore, you will need to try as much as you can stand out from the rest. The result that appears in Google should entice people to click on it or people will simply ignore.

Featured snippet

It is important to rank your content in a featured snippet. You notice that a percentage of search results always have featured snippets and they are actually getting lots of clicks too. Getting content to appear within the featured snippet happens to be very easy. The very first thing to do is to actually find opportunities for the same.

Find the keywords that you rank for and keywords that already have got a featured snippet. The reason why you need to find out the keywords that you rank for is because almost all the featured snippets come from pages which are the first to rank for the term. This means that if you are not among the top 10, you might not actually get the opportunity to be featured. Jaxxy is my go to tool when it comes to finding the best SEO keywords. Give it a try below for free and find your profitable keywords to use in your next post.


Top SEO Marketing Tip

You can use Jaxxy which is free to try or Ahrefs which is a paid tool. Both of these will help find the keywords which have that you actually rank for. This is a report which you can use to your advantage and one that can really help you in 2019 SEO.

You need a snippet bait which is usually a content block of around 40-60 words. The snippet is designed in such a way that it can be ranked. All snippets that are featured are within this word limit. It is also important to format the content for as many types of snippets as possible. Paragraph snippets are very popular and they are commonly the most featured.


In the past ,Google used HTML and analyzed a page for given keywords. The content then determined how you ranked according to the keywords within it.

Keywords are checked in your :

  1. H1 tag
  2.  Description tag
  3. Image ALT text
  4. URL
  5. Title tag

As much as that is still applicable there are many other things that Google looks at today such as :

  1. Context not just content
  2.  the best search result
  3.  keyword stuffing

The best pages cover a topic in depth,which offers the readers quality. When the content is great, the searcher will have what they are looking for in a single place. You may note that great content is ranking better and better today. This is something that you would best concentrate on in the coming year.


There are many things to consider when you want to be good at SEO marketing so you achieve a higher rank. It helps to know that it is not all about filling your content with the keywords that you rank for. People will notice if your content doesn’t give them any value and the bounce rate will be higher. Keep up with the top SEO marketing trends because applying them diligently will result in your website will ranking higher .


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  1. SEO is always a interesting topic because of its constant changes day by day. No one ever truly knows all the algorithms google is using to determine ranking factors.

    I am curious to know your thoughts on if keywords will go away at some point in the future and it will just be about relevant content? Meaning you don’t have to have keywords in your articles or title anymore.

    • Hi jessie thanks for your comment ..LOL yeah who knows what it will take to keep google happy in the future , I am hearing now content should be over 1800 words to have a better chance to rank ? I personally don’t think keywords will ever not be used to determine content relevance, Google certainly needs a starting place to collect the data on posts ect .  

  2. SEO is without any doubt the strategy you need to learn. Even if it is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization) you need to know how to optimize the pages for the readers first, and then for the search engines! You can do that off and on the page. There are thousands of tutorials written about this topic. Google is teaching how to do it best as well. SEO is evolving constantly, so you should follow the trends and be ready for all the changes and updates. By mastering SEO you will be able to create pages which are more user and search engine friendly, and get the chance to rank better!Best regards,IgorStay well, market better, convert best!

    • thank you for your comment Igor , I agree 100% with all your statements , to your success !!

  3. Rick, thank you for your insights about how SEO marketing is changing.  I’ve been working on making my posts as engaging as I can, learning how to keep a visitor to my site interested in wanting to find out more about whatever topic I am sharing.  

    My thought has been to build a place where people can hang for a bit and find useful information.  It’s good to know that there’s an algorithm out there like RankBrain that is taking note of efforts like mine. 

    • thank you for your comment Netta , glad you found the information in my post helpful , to your success 

  4. Your post was really informative and helpful. Just hearing about “dwelling time” and now I have a full understanding of it. You have really put up a nice post on SEO and I’ll appreciate if you can tell me more about CTR and RACKBRAIN,  want to know how it operate.

    thanks for this wonderful post. It was really helpful.

    have a nice day

    • Hi Salim thank you for your comment , CTR is basically an acronym for Click through rate , a measure of how visitors click on links with in your content or Call to Actions . RankBrain is a component of Google’s  algorithm and uses machine learning  of put simpler the ability of machines to teach themselves from data inputs. 

  5. Thank you very much for sharing this valuable blog on SEO trends for 2019. As you said it is really important to be aware of SEO trends as online marketer’s. Thank you for informing about Jaxxy and WA. I will definitely try WA. This is first I heard about Rank brain and CTA, as a online marketer this information is really important to me.

    • Thank you for your comment Yasodhara , you have nothing to lose and everything to gain signing up to WA for a free account , you can even host 2 websites for free so there is absolutely no cost to kick the tires. to your success Rick  

  6. Hey, appreciate the tips of here today some I have heard before and others are very new to me. I have a question? Is it a good idea to encourage visitors to return to your site for a certain aspect of it. This may seem obvious however, I know I have returned many sites when using a reference point on a blog such as the best free ,he was rude towards their reference many times that I get into my research.

    • H i Andrew , thank you for your comments , I am not totally sure I understand your question ? But returning visitors is a good thing when talking about blog traffic . 

  7. SEO is always changing. I remember back then keyword stuffing and backlinks works wonder to boost your website for page 1 SERP. Now it seems that content is what matters the most. Although I still find certain website page with low quality content placed as #1 search result 🙁

    For this year, do you think white-hat backlinks still matter? I want to shift my focus on on-site SEO. Gaining white-hat backlinks (such as guestposting) seems to consume most of my time.

    • Alblue thank you for your comment , I know that some are saying that back links aren’t the measure of authority that they once were . I still believe that having a back link from  sites with a high DA and PA can not hurt ,although they need to be sites that are in the same niche as you are . Any time you can siphon off any targeted traffic is a good thing . 

  8. Jaaxy is by far my favorite platform for keyword research. When I decide to research a post, I first decide on a subject, go to Jaaxy, search for a set of keywords, then I manually search. 

    I’m stoked to read your post. I never thought about the snippet idea, that’s crazy good.

    • Thank you for your comment JB , yes your snippet is one of the first things that is used to attract visitors to click the search results to bring them to your site .. 

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