Tips When Writing a Book to Stand Out In Your Niche

Tips When Writing a Book to Stand Out In Your NicheWriting your first book can seem daunting. It probably even looks almost impossible. But the truth is, you do have a book in you somewhere and here are some tips when writing a book. You have to start somewhere and putting off writing will not get the job done. Procrastinating or looking for perfection will only hold you back . There is plenty of time to edit and re write later just start writing because you will surprise yourself.

Come Up with an Idea

The first business book you write can be a good way to express your core values as a business owner or as a way to teach something to someone. For example, if you have a thriving business, you can tell the story of how you made it successful and through that story share tips for them to do the same. Alternatively, the book can be about something else entirely – such as how to lose weight, how to stay happy, and that type of thing. It’s up to you.

First Write an Outline

Every book (and also every article or blog) should start with an outline. You don’t have to worry about your form for this outline. You are just using it to get your thoughts together and in order – not get a grade on outlining from your English teacher. You can make it simple by writing a working title, then points you want to discuss which
become chapters, then write a synopsis of what you want to say in each chapter, then outline each chapter.

Let Go About Worrying about Errors

When you first sit down to write your first lines (and in fact the entire first rough draft of your book), the best thing to do is not think about whether you’re making errors or not. Write how you talk. Don’t try to be someone else. The editing process will be there to fix any issues.

Start with a Blog

One way to write a book is by blogging the book first. Then you can put it together with the help of an editor, adding in transitions and other information as needed to complete the work. Here is my preferred platform for blogging, web hosting and research tools are included for free on this platform. You can read my Wealthy Affiliate review here.

Set small attainable goals and move forward one page a day might be too much. Maybe you want to set a time
limit for each writing session that you set aside. You want to set small goals that are possible to achieve, but aren’t so small that you won’t see forward motion to finishing a book.

Hire a Ghostwriter and Editor

Alternatively, once you have an outline, you can hire a ghostwriter. A professional ghostwriter will usually spend time with you, interviewing you regarding the outline and helping you get it all together. They’ll put their skills into making it sound like you wrote it. This is achieved by capturing the voice you used when talking to them through the interviewing process.

Even if you hire a ghostwriter, you need a separate editor. In fact, you may need more than one editor depending on the type of book. You may need someone who will fix any grammar issues as well as someone who is good with storytelling or formatting. That may not be just one person.

Get a Professional Cover Designed

Don’t skimp on the cover. Hire someone who has a good portfolio of book covers that you like. Ensure that the cover you have designed is good for print or digital. Don’t just get one for digital and expect it to print well. Plus, for print, you need the back cover designed too.

Publish to Kindle

You don’t have to get a traditional publisher to make it real these days. So many people start by self-publishing today and if you already have an audience this is a good option. Kindle allows you to publish easily, and it also allows you to offer print on demand copies which you definitely want to consider.

A book Can Become More Products

A popular book can be turned into numerous other types of products and services. Any “how to” book can become the beginning of a course. It can become information for a webinar, blog posts, and a lot of other types of content. Once you have the content in the book, you can re-purpose it and refit it to other ideas.

Writing a Book  Enables You to Show You an Expert

online business success e bookThere aren’t many other ways to showcase your expertise that make the reader feel as if they’re learning from a smart person. Most people want to write a book, but they try and realize how difficult it is (or how difficult they think it is), so they are super-impressed that you can get it all down in a book. It builds trust that you are an expert. When you publish a book, you’ll find a more targeted audience. There are still people who prefer to get books over blogs to read about ideas. Books still resonate with a large portion of your audience, and your book  will too. But if you are thinking a blog would be easier read my post here on starting a blog for free.

Authorship Gives You Credibility

Writing a book is a great way to build your authority and create a new income stream. If you really want a good way to market your business, this might be what you need. It’s easier than ever to write and publish a book that will spread awareness of your brand and get the word out about your expertise.

Writing a book will move your business to the next level. But first, you have to get it done. Let go of perfection and at least get the first draft done. There is nothing that a good editor can’t fix, and it can even be written by a ghostwriter if you want to make it even more professional.

Being an author gives you so many new ways to promote your business to your ideal audience. It’s worth it for almost anyone in any niche. From the local baker to the accountant or virtual assistant, sharing what you know in book form can make a huge difference in your business growth.

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  1. Writing a book doesn’t come easy to anyone, including many famous authors.  My favorite author actually uses his own experience to guide new would-be authors, lets them do most of the writing, edits where necessary, and then allows both his name and the writer’s name to be published on the front of the book.  That’s a little bit different front ghostwriting, but ghostwriting is also a good way to start.  How did you get started?Anyone who desperately wants to write will find a way, especially with people like you to help them along their journey.  I especially like the fact that you’ve outlined the framework of the steps required to get started.  You have also provided various options for budding writers, especially if starting off with writing a book is too much for them.I look forward to reading more on your website in the future.  If I ever retire, I’ll be writing my own book.

    • HI Sandra , I was inspired by an older neighbor of mine  that has written a number of novels , It was kind of a personal journey for me . I also recently worked for a woman that commented that she had a pen name . When I inquired further she had mentioned that she started a rough out line a few years ago and hadn’t done anything since  because she didn’t have the time. I suggested to her to that she actually needed to make the time to write if it is something she is interested in pursuing. I saw her the other day again and she mentioned that she broke out her old notes and was working at getting her first draft of the out line. Thank you for your comment … Rick 

  2. Writing has always been a daunting task for a lot of people who feel they are not gifted enough or in other words, are not born writers,  however, just like every other skill writing can be learnt and mastered. Just like talking writing is a means of expressing once thoughts on any particular issue.  The steps highlighted in this article if followed properly can be very helpful in boosting the confidence and skill of a newbie writer.

    • Thank you for your comment Zuchii , your right writing is as easy as talking , most people don’t have problems with that so I believe you are correct in saying “people feel they are not gifted enough ” . the truth is that everyone has at least one book in them , they just need to get it out , simply starting is the biggest task .

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