Site Rubix Scam Exposed by Insider

This is my honest take on the Site Rubix platform, some nah Sayers have proposed that there is a Site Rubix Scam. I am here to tell you that is not true Site Rubix is Not a scam, but it does take building a wordpress blog to the next level.


Price: Free starter 2 websites & 50 websites with paid plan

Owners: Kyle and Carson

Overall Rank: 98 out of 100

Sit Rubix overview

Site Rubix is a web hosting and website or blog building platform that is powered by the Wealthy Affiliate system. I know what you are thinking but No there are no up sells here. The concept here is simple, provide you with the tools, support and training to turn your blog into something very valuable.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

Site Rubix Scam ExposedPRO #1

The hosting is superior to anything I have ever used. I have had wordpress sites at HostGator, Host Papa and GoDaddy. I could never achieve consist page load speeds at this rate before. There is built in Site Health which monitors your blog and all your sites can have SSL certificates all for free. This alone pays for itself after 2 sites as they run around $20 per site if you have purchase them. I won’t go into why Page load speed and SSL certificates are important, but trust me they are.

PRO #2

The free affiliate marketing training surpass anything that is out there online today. I know this from experience because i have bought a bunch of junk in the past. There is so much support from the community and trainers that it will take you by surprise, top members will share openly with you on what it takes to succeed.


PRO #3

The fact that you can host 25 domain websites and 25 sub domain web sites all without limits is huge. Site Rubix has experts who take care of all the techie stuff which leaves you nothing to do but create. You don’t have to worry about being hacked, spam or malware because all your websites are optimized and protected hands free.

Pro # 4

Hands off wordpress installs mean you have no chance of making a mistake, simply pick a domain name and push a button. In fact, you can have your website up and indexed by google in minutes. You can use site rubix to dominate any niche with easy the SEO keyword tool that is included with both plans Free and Paid. See my post here to try it out free

The Bad:

CON #1

There is so much training and information that you can get lost. Tip Follow the step by step training and tick the check boxes, stay focused and on track

CON #2

You can easily get side tracked with the live chat and interaction with the community.Tip Limit community interaction to 15 minutes when you are inside WA, this will help you achieve your goals to rank your website and prosper.

Con # 3

If you don’t want the ease and diversity of wordpress, this is not for you .

Who is Site Rubix for ?

Any one wanting to have a successful blog or website in any niche and prosper. No matter what your skill level is you can not find a better platform to host your free or premium wordpress websites. The training and system is trusted by over 1 million people, ask your self can they all be wrong ?



Site Rubix Support

Site Rubix and the Wealthy affiliate platform has a dedicated support team that can be accessed 24 hours a day.whether it is a training or a hosting question you are covered. You can easily access the site support,the ask a question or live chat features to get answers, usually within minutes.


My Final Opinion of the Site Rubix Scam

If this truly is a scam as has been reported elsewhere on the internet, in an effort to SELL YOU something else, then I am in 100% .

Believe me Scams usually don’t give you :

  1. Free Membership options
  2. Zero dollars upfront options
  3. Do Not Collect Credit Card info
  4. Offer Live Chat to the membership

   You can try it for free right now enter a domain Name to get started 


Site Rubix free website builder at a Glance…


Owners Kyle and Carson, Wealthy Affiliate platform

PRICE Free forever 2 websites, upgrade $49 per month

Overall Legit Rank: 98 out of 100

VERDICT: Recommendedrecommended online part time job from home

Visit Site Rubix by Clicking Here 

If you have any questions or thoughts please take a minute and comment below …

thank you Rick  😊

6 thoughts on “Site Rubix Scam Exposed by Insider”

  1. Hello, Rick, how are you?

    Wow, what a powerful way to talk about something legitimate and real. Site Rubix is really not a scam as you pointed. I am so happy to find WA. Also, I agree with you: we can get distracted and lost with so much information and interact with others in the live chat room.

     Let’s not forget the community here is a 24/7/365 to help you any time we need, is our support easy and free as well. Any time of the day or night I have a question, there is someone, somewhere to help me. 

    The only regret I have is not been found WA years ago. I was into a lot scam as well and believe me is not funny; was so much money, time and efforts wasted that some people can even imagine.Here at WA, we are building our online business, free of bosses and legitimate. We can work on our time and space. We don’t have a card point every day, we have all the support we need, all the training necessary and we learn so much that I can believe how much information I have now about built my own website, illustration, and market.

     Everything that starts for FREE and to go premium we had to pay only $19.00 and next payment is only $49.00 nothing else.Site Rubix Wordpress hostingwe can blog very easy every day to grow up our business. 

    Oh, I can not forget that I never blog before and I did think to that I could blog before. If I did and continue to do, anybody can do.Newbie people are more than welcome here at WA. The founders and owners Kyle and Carson are the must kind and not selfish people that I ever had the privilege to know and work with. They could keep all this information for themselves or charge a lot of money for, but they did not

    .I am very happy and proud to be called a member this community and recommend for anyone at any age and any situation of your life to joying us.Thank you so much to help to spread the word.

    Cheer to your success Rick.


    • thank you for your comment Telma , I agree that site rubix has helped many beginners start a blog for free . I am glad you are finding your way to successful  blogging . 

  2. Rick,Hello! It’s great that you came out with explanations on the site SITERUBIX. Anyone who could say “scam” said this without even using it or just trying to sell something else .

    Everything is very simple you get a working site, a tool, a platform, a simulator,  and then finally a finished blog. Many thousands of successful marketers have mastered their skills on this convenient free website hosting platform. 

    We wish him successful further work for the benefit of existing and potential marketers. I will now buy a domain, but I do not leave SITERUBIX. Rick, thank you for the analysis and the details. I will use the cases to spread your opinion. Mark.

    • Hi Mark yes many people have started successfully  blogging using siterubix , with all the free tools and training included  even with the free plan you can not lose.

  3. Thank you for sharing with us this great review on Siterubix.First of all I agree with that Siterubix is not and will never be a scam.It helped me build my 2 free website even before upgrading which is very fantastic.

    I was surprised by the way my website were processing while I didn’t pay any money to host my websites and you can’t imagine how happy I was.

    After upgrading people still enjoying the benefits of siterubix which is the proof that siterubix is not a scam if it was the case,i would pay the money for my free websites no?

    Siterubix is powerful

    • Hi Julienne thank you for your comments, that is one of the advantages of the site rubix hosting platform , helping beginners to build a wordpress site for free before they have to commit to spending any money .

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