Profit 365 Review , Legit Opp or Another Flop?

profit 365 review Welcome to my Profit 365 review. I hope you find this review informative and helps you decide whether this affiliate marketing product is for you or not. As with many of the products that I look at and review profit 365 is no different. I received the email below so I clicked the link and take a deeper look at the product.

This is the email I received, links have been removed for obvious reasons .


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After reading this email I looked at the following details of the program. I hope it gives you a better understanding of exactly what you can expect from Profit 365

Overview of my Profit 365 review

Profit 365 review income proof

  • Profit 365 Overview
  • About the vendor
  • What is exactly is Profit 365?
  • How Does it Really Work?
  • Traffic methods used to promote
  • The Good & the Bad Of Profit 365
  • Is it a Legit opportunity?
  • Another option to consider



Profit 365 Product overview

Product name: Profit 365


Clickbank product : Front end Price: $34.00

Up-sells: Yes, first Up-sell $194- down sell $94 – Second Up-sell $174 -down sell $124

Owners: Jamie Lewis & Shawn Josiah

Claims on Sales page : This Streamlined and Accelerated Income Generating System Profits 365!

Overall Rank: 6.2 out of 10

Recommended ?: This depends on how much money you actually want to spend on marketing Profit 365. Do I think there is a better way especially for someone new to affiliate marketing to actually make a passive income. Yes here is my recommendation and you can start for absolutely ZERO $$.

About the vendor

Jamie Lewis has been online and affiliate marketing 14 years and has put out 6 out of 10 top products on Clickbank in the past, including Domainer Elite, Beats365, Crypto Prophecy, Zing Bank, Wealthy Agency & Crpyto Blueprint

What is Profit 365 ?

It’s Jamie’s new ClickBank product which claims that anyone can profit as a super affiliate. In the opening of his video sales copy he states he wants to show you how a simple guy can make money. Then he goes on to say that it’s not too hard for any normal person. This includes stay-at-home moms, retired folks or even students can duplicate these results.

This is achieved by cloning proven campaigns that are pre-built to be used for YouTube, Facebook & email marketing. You get access to his entire database of proven affiliate promotions, swipe files, campaigns and video training.

profit 365 up-sells


You can upgrade your account for an additional $194.00 which includes class training. There is a $94 down sell for 6 months of training as well if you don’t want to pay the $194.00.

The second upgrade is $174.00 for extra training and a down sell for $124.00 for only 6 months of the same .

In my opinion this is a lot of money for any newbie to throw on the table to start off in affiliate marketing. But Jamie says what he does is” Flip the switch and turn on the money faucet “. Let’s not forget he has 14 years of marketing experience and most likely does just ” Flip a Switch “.

How Does it Really Work?

After signing up and front end you be received by Jamie s welcome video. He goes on to tell you the methods you are going to be using to create your income streams .

  1. Solo ads for email marketing
  2. PPC ads to drive traffic to your ClickBank affiliate offer
  3. ClickBank for product inventory to sell

You get 40 solo ads templates in what Jamie has determined profitable niches. You also get a list of keywords to use to with PPC ads and a list of ClickBank products that match the templates promoting .

Well these methods are all proven, there are some things to consider. Firstly to think that an absolute beginner to affiliate marketing has the experience to find good solo ad providers or can scale a PPC campaign ?

Traffic methods used to promote Profit 365

What are solo ads

Solo ads are purchased through many platforms online. Basically you are renting someone else s email list. You provide the email you want to send and pay the solo seller a fee per click that their list generates. This fee can be anywhere from $0.10 to $1.00 per click and will vary from one solo seller to another .

I would say that $0.35 to $0.50 is a good starting baseline to use when looking for solo ads. You can figure that 100 clicks would cost you $35.00 to $50.00 for 100 clicks, this doesn’t mean buyers this means when someone clicks the affiliate link in your solo ad email.

PPC advertising

PPC or pay-per-click advertising is a form of affiliate marketing in which you pay a fee each time your ad is clicked. Basically it’s a way of buying visits to your affiliate promotion, rather than attempting to get organic free Search engine traffic. Search engine PPC is one of the most popular forms. It allows advertisers to bid for ad placement in sponsored links when someone searches on a keyword that is related to your product offering. Both Google and Bing offer vouchers so you can get started but these vouchers are only applied after you deposit your own money into you PPC account.

Take it from me, if you are not as savvy with PPC advertising as Jamie would be, you can quickly blow through your entire budget .


The Good & the Bad Of Profit 365

The Good:

  1. Jamie has been affiliate marketing online for a long time and has made many products. He’s not a flash in the pan and has a good overall reputation. You can easily track his past by searching out his name and will see that he has been on the Warrior forum lots
  2. There is a sixty day money back guarantee so you can always get a refund if you have followed the guarantees guidelines for refund.
  3. The proven done for you templates for solo ads and keywords provided will get you up and running fast. Although you may have to use a trial and error approach .
  4. Upfront cost is low as with many of the affiliate marketing products. This has been the trend for the last 10 years or so. Basically give the front end away and offer up-sells to make the money .

The Bad:

  1. I don’t believe it is as easy as Jamie makes it out to be. I think it is a real stretch because he states it’s not that hard and a retired person or stay at home moms can make money. Yes you may get lucky and make a few sales but what will it cost you ?
  2. The up-sells are fairly expensive, offered at $194.00 , $94.00 and $174.00 . Even if you bought the first down sell and the second done for you upgrade you looking at over $300.00 . You will still need to get traffic to your offer .
  3. Marketing costs may add up quickly. This would depend on if you actually have experience or not. If you are new to affiliate marketing then you probably don’t. You can spend a lot of money as I found out when first starting off with affiliate marketing . Paid traffic sources add up quickly and for most, free traffic is a better option. Especially when starting out .
  4. You have no control over the products you promote if you use the provided templates. You will be promoting Clickbank products which in my opinion are lower quality. Clickbank does have some good products in a few niches but many products in the Make Money Online niche are overrated. You can see my Auto Chat Profits Review here and decide for yourself.

Who is Profit 365 For ?

Anyone interested in affiliate marketing and wants to promote ClickBank offers using Jamie s ready-to-go swipe-files. If you want to copy and paste the campaigns & promotions this may be exactly what you are looking for .


Is it a Legit Opportunity ?

Yes, I believe this offer is Legit but not without its drawbacks. I believe that Jamie does use the exact system he is providing in Profit 365 and makes the income he claims. My question is do you think you have anywhere near the experience he does with affiliate marketing. I have been making a passive income online for a year or so now and have been working online on and off for the last 10 years.

What I do know using Solo ads and PPC advertising can be very costly and does not guarantee that you will make money just by using them. So you may stand a chance to make a few sales, but in no way will you match or even come close to his results .

Ask your self this :

How did you end up on this Profit 365 review page, probably by doing a Google or Bing search right ? Do you realize that I did not spend any money to get your visit here today.  You could have the same results if you wanted to.

Yes free search engine traffic to your website or blog .

I have been in the exact same situation that you are now, wanting to make some money online .

I chased a lot of online opportunities similar to Profit 365 and nothing worked for me. Many times the product vendors leave just a little bit out of the training or product, and you need to find that ” Secret Sauce” to make it actually work !

I didn’t actually start making any income until I was taught the proper methods to build a successful online business. Even though I had taken affiliate marketing training before, the training was incomplete.

This is not the case with Wealthy Affiliate where you get absolutely everything you need to create real income online. You can check it out for yourself, or choose to continue on the path you are on.

It’s totally up to you but what done you have to lose?

It will cost you $0.00 to take a look and get 10 video training lessons free, 2 websites, and SEO Keyword tool plus a bunch more. I will personally help you get your business rolling. Check it out below.



If you have any questions or comments on the post Profit 365 Review , Legit Opp or Another Flop? Please leave them below .
To your success ! Rick


Profit 365 Review

$ 34.00

Vendor has been around for 14 years


60 day money back guarantee


Proven templates


Low front end cost


Control of Product



  • Established vendor
  • 60 day money back
  • Jamie's templates
  • Low cost front end


  • No control over product
  • Cost for promotion will be high
  • Up sells are expensive
  • Not as easy as he makes it out to be

16 thoughts on “Profit 365 Review , Legit Opp or Another Flop?”

  1. Dear Rick,

    Thanks for your informative review on Profit 365 Review. I participated programs like this and none of them could keep their promises and all of them have upsells. 

    One of the worst situation is that you have no control on the business process, such as the email address is not belong to your own business. Sometimes they give some email addresses, which turned out not opt-in ones and not benefited to your business.

    I agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate provides step by step process to build your solid online business. There is no upsells and they provides all tool for you to build your online business.



    • thanks for your comment Anthony , I agree 100% on your statement on Wealthy Affiliate , no up sells, down sells just pure true information you can actually use and act on  , here is a link to a post I recently did on Wealthy Affiliate if you care to read it . To your success Rick 

  2. Thanks for this detailed review on Profit 365. What bums be out about a program like this is even though some might make some money off of it, there is no heart and soul behind it. It’s just so pointless and doesn’t add anything of value to the world. You don’t make money by helping people (which is the dream!) you make money just by finding others who want to make money. So could it work? Sure. But it just doesn’t add anything of value to the world so to me it is a waste of energy. I don’t know, what do you think about that?

    • Thanks for your comment Holly , yes another push button profit type site that is intended only for pure profit for Profit 365 affiliates and the vendors . Like I say I am sure it works Jamie Lewis has been marketing for a long time . But can internet newbies actually make it work at all ? My Profit 365 review was intended to point this exact point out , hopefully I was able to convey the message clearly ? 

  3. The post you have written is unique and well appreciated.  I really enjoyed reading it and I could not be silent about your post so I decided to leave my comment here and say Thank You! For sharing this quality post with others.

    i have joined many sites lately but i haven’t heard about profit365

    I appreciate the fact that listed out the pros and cons of profit 365. 

    i will also do my research 

    • Thanks for your comment Ola I am glad you found my review on Profit365 informative . 

  4. Seems like a lot of Clickbank products tend to promote solo ads training. I was just reviewed another one yesterday and while the beginning started off with some basics about building a blog and doing keyword research, the latter part especially when it comes to traffic generation, is almost always one of these high-risk, high-investment methods. 

    I wonder why that’s the case. Maybe because sites like Udimi has an affiliate program that they can leverage from? Who knows…

    I personally don’t find solo ads attractive. Why get someone else’s email list when those subscribers don’t even know who you are….

    • Hi Cathy thank you for your comments , I have to agree with you solo ads are over rated in my opinion , yes you might get a few clicks but most Solo providers suggest directing your clicks to a free offer to catch the email address . Personally free organic targeted traffic is my preference, having people who are actually interested in what you have to offer always pays off in many ways including ranking your pages in Google and Bing . To your success Rick  

  5. Although this program is legit I will say it’s a very expensive one for a novice like me who is trying to learn to make money online. I would very love to learn how to make money online but for me is also a choice of cost and after clicking you’re recommended one I have chosen to stick with your recommendation and let profit 360 to pass. 

    • Hi Charles thanks for your comments , yes |I see that you have signed up for the training , you have definitely made the right choice . I will be in touch shortly inside the members area and I look forward to helping you build an actual online business that you can earn an income with . To your success , see you inside Rick 

  6. A Good Review of the platform. Profit365 looks promising has a website although the flaws are there and the unreal amount of income promised is a lie but it all depends on how much you’re willing to spend on the platform to get your income you mentioned the platform make use of the PPC medium I have worked with one this in the past slow but effective this I would say might be the only feature on the platform that caught my eye others are just average. The review is great a strong information passed across to readers very incisive. Nice post 

    • Thanks for your comment Dammy , as I mentioned I believe there are better alternatives for earning income online .  

  7. I was actually approached last night on Instagram to check out Profit 365. I looked through the first couple of video’s and of course, had to enter my name and email to see the video’s now I have to unsubscribe from that dang list I put myself on. Wished I would have just searched for a review first and your review has told me everything I should have known! For someone looking at affiliate marketing, I’d do some Google searches first and foremost and keep this URL in your favorites looks like some other great reviews he has here and you don’t have to kill yourself like I was going to do looking buying product after product only to be disappointed in the end. 

    • Thanks for your comment Jason , yes Profit365 is all over the internet at the moment as it is the “New Kid on the Block ” as you can see from my review i believe it is what Jamie Lewis used to create that income but I am not believing that just anyone can achieve the same results . 

  8. I was looking for a second opinion on this platform and I am glad I visited your site because you have explained everything about Profit 365 so clearly and in an organized way which made me understand it very easily. It is a really good comparison chart between Wealthy Affiliate and Profit 365. It shows the difference between the two platforms and also helps me make the decision on choosing platform.

    Thank you so much for sharing this article.

    • Thanks for your comment Sujandar , Just trying to make people aware of what lies ahead before they jump in to deep . If I can save new affiliate marketers half the pain and struggles I went through ,then I will feel my efforts are worth while . All the best Rick 

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