Is Covert Commissions a Scam ?

Question: Is Covert commissions a scam

Answer: No, but is it a worthy enough system for me to recommend to my subscribers? Read my complete review or for the quick answer scroll to the bottom of the page.

is covert commissions a scamIs Covert Commissions A Scam ? 

Website: www.covert


  • Free trial, sign up required
  • Basic $24 with discount coupon
  • Pro monthly $27,00

I bought the product for $24,00 and signed on for the monthly subscription.$27,00 per month. I cancelled my subscription before the first billing period with no problems.

Owners: Cindy Donovan

Overall  Rank: 60 out of 100

Verdict – Not recommended , Read about my Top Recommendation here . You get access to affiliate market training , 2 websites with hosting , a community of experts that will answer any question you have . Plus a whole lot more .

Covert Commissions Overview

This is another complete Done For You system that claims to

  1. To Build A Hands-Free, Profitable List
  2. Start Earning Autopilot Commissions Today

Within the dashboard you can access the training on how to use the system. There are 4 or 5 videos that walk through:

  • How to navigate the platform
  • Accessing the affiliate link to promote Covert commissions through JVZOO
  • Creating a JV zoo account

You also need a Warrior Plus account and a ClickBank account but there is no Video for this.  Warrior Plus and Clickbank are both required to request to promote affiliate products. Covert Commissions will then email to your hands free list, more on this later.

Marketing  Training Included

  • Traffic Training Using the SQZin Software, this is a product of Cindy Donavon’s that you can buy
  • Using YouTube For Traffic To Your Pages
  • Using Quora To Get Signups On Your Pages
  • List Building With Interviews
  • Getting More Signups Using Forums
  • Facebook Group Strategy For More Signups
  • Using Email Marketing To Get People On Your Lists
  • Getting Traffic Using Facebook Ads
  • Using Reddit For Traffic To Your Pages
  • Covert Commissions and YouTube Traffic
  • Getting Free Traffic With Pinterest
  • Solo Ad Training With Gary Alach

When you sign up to covert commissions for free you get access to 1 Mission credit. As a monthly Pro member you get 10 credits, allowing you access to 10 products. You then get 1 credit per month as part of your membership fee. These missions are affiliate products that are listed either on JVZOO, Clickbank or Warrior Plus.

The concept of Covert Commissions is

  • Get traffic to the squeeze pages of the affiliate product offer pages
  • Hopefully hey sign up the Covert Commission system takes over
  • Covert Commissions system will email a followup series via their autoresponder containing your affiliate links
  • Hopefully the subscriber will buy the product and you earn the commission.
  • Covert Commissions will continue to send until the subscriber unsubscribes

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1

The system is Done For You, allowing you to start as soon as you sign up. Of course if you don’t receive to access link and password like I did you will have to wait.

PRO #2

There is no cost involved by having to have an autoresponder such as Aweber or Get Response . This does keep the monthly cost down, as far as your email list goes.

PRO #3

There is no real need to have a website or web hosting. This also contributes to keeping your overall expenses lower.

Pro #4

Most of the products already have squeeze pages and some have pre-made promotional material. This is a time saver and makes it possible for people new to affiliate marketing get started easily.

The Bad:

CON #1

You are not guaranteed to be approved to promote the missions. These are the affiliate offers within the Mission control. This means that you have used 1 credit for something you can’t even promote and earn income.

In my experience this pertains to the new products. The creators of the product are reluctant to allow newer affiliates ( probably like you ) to promote the product .

This is because they do not want to show a “high click through rate” making” the conversion rate” lower. This could result in more experienced marketers reluctant to promote the offer, resulting in less sales.

CON #2

Once you have managed to get some traffic to the offer you are promoting and someone signs up, you have absolutely no control over what emails are being sent to your subscribers. This could result in them being sent products with affiliate links that you will not get paid for ( if you are not an approved affiliate).

Con # 3

The training, while it looks extensive consisting of 12 videos is fairly empty. By this I mean if you are not a complete newbie, there is not much there, no Golden Nuggets or valuable take away’s.

Con # 4

Costs to maintain and promote can add up quickly .

Who is Covert Commissions For ?

I would have to say if you are a complete Newbie and have no prior affiliate marketing experience some information is good. There is a free sign up offer here , sign up if you like take a look around. Use free training and then choose if you want to continue on with the system, just to clarify I am not recommending this product. Please note my rating below.

Support system

You can access the product through the JV Zoo platform, which I did. I received my welcome email and access to the member’s area which I could not access.

I then contacted support desk “Wildfire Concepts ” and submitted a ticket.

The support team did respond quickly given the time difference, they are located in Australia.

As well, I emailed Cindy Donovan regarding plight. My access issue was straightened out and finally I had access to my member’s area. I was satisfied with the support I received.

My Final Opinion

Is Covert commissions a scam , NO, while the system and member area are fairly fluent. I feel there are some short comings and there are better opportunities available for the same investment.


Product owner Cindy Donovan check out Cindy Donovan’s new traffic product Traffic Ivy 

Overall Legit Rank: 60 out of 100

VERDICT: Is Covert Commissions a Scam, NO but it’s  Not Recommended , What I do recommend is you read on .

Think about this for a minute , you probably found my review on Covert Commissions through a search right ?

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If you have any questions or thoughts on this post Is Covert Commissions a Scam please take a minute and comment below …

thank you Rick  😊

You can access my review on Cindy Donovans new product Traffic Ivy

Covert Commissions

$27.00 monthly

The system is Done For You


No Autoresponder cost


No web hosting expense


Most offers have squeeze page built



  • Done for you system
  • No email service provider needed
  • Don't need web site/hosting
  • Landing / squeeze pages for most offers


  • Getting excepted for affiliate products can be difficult
  • No control over emails that are sent
  • Training is basic no real uhha moments
  • Cost for paid avertising

6 thoughts on “Is Covert Commissions a Scam ?”

  1. Unbiased review, that’s what I will call it. There lots of scam done for you affiliate platforms out there, I have been victim to a few of them.Readers don’t know how valuable reviewers are until the lose money and time. They promise heaven and earth until you make first payment. Aside from JVZOO software, I do not see a unique selling point in their products.Thanks for keeping it real on the internet.

  2. Hia and thank you for this informative article. I really enjoyed reading it. Heard about this offer before from a friend that used tried it. He said it was not the best program but it did the job for him. I also agree with you. There are better options available online. Especially when you consider programs like Wealthy Affiliate.



  3. Hi, thanks for sharing this review. I signed up for the free membership and I can see that there are some benefits to Covert Commissions.

    A newbie can gain some information and there aren’t too many costs involved, which is good, but it’s still laking a lot of content.

    Also, it might not be the best training for someone who’s more advanced in Affiliate Marketing.

    What would you recommend as a better alternative to this?

    • Thanks for reaching out to me , as I mentioned Covert Commissions does not have my full endorsement with a rating of only 60 out of 100. I recommend that you check out my posts under Legit Opportunities that can be found on the top menu bar in particular this review of WA

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