Internet Marketing for an Online Business on a Limited Budget

Internet Marketing for an Online Business on a Limited BudgetThere are many different ways to market your product or service to ensure that you are seen by your potential customers. My advice when you are considering internet marketing for an online business is to start with one source, then expand as your audience grows. Otherwise you will get overloaded, because it does take some work.

I actually prefer marketing my business for free or very near to it. My favorite methods are, content marketing coupled with SEO, social media marketing, primarily with Pinterest and email marketing using Mailchimp.

Why do I chose to use these 3 marketing methods ?

Seo or search engine optimization can net you lots of free targeted traffic, if you prepare your content in the correct way. Social media marketing with Pinterest can also bring you a ton of targeted free traffic, when done correctly.

Google and Pinterst are two of the largest search engines.

Google, as we all know is the largest search engine online, yes they definitely move the bar on the way they rank pages, but if you are playing it honest you can still rank your page quite easily.

Pinterest in particular is growing in popularity, the audience used to be primarily female, trends are showing an ever-increasing male user base.

Email Marketing with Mailchimp

Mailchimp offers a free plan for up to 2000 contacts, this is more than enough when starting out. They include great resources for email marketing and you can easily integrate it with your wordpress website. By adding sign up forms to your site you can easily engage your audience by sending newsletters or emails that can be fully automated.

Content Marketing and SEO to Get Noticed By Google

Google was developed by a group of university students, understand this will help you get noticed in Google search. Think of it like this, how would a university student prepare a paper on any subject ?

They would research the topic and do an outline, highlighting the key points they want to convey.

When I prepare my content with SEO in mind, I research but I focus on low traffic keywords. Trying to compete against large corporate websites with lots of resources is an impossible task.

Targeting keywords that have lower traffic volume can be very lucrative over time. What would you rather have 100 target visitors arriving at your site or none, because you have targeted a competitive keyword?

Another important component of content marketing is providing quality content, this is actually not that hard to do. You need to realize that you know more than some millions of people who surf the internet daily.

Just research your topic of interest what ever it is, outline the keys points you want to write about and BOOM your off. You do not need to be a professional writer to do this. After all it’s your opinion or experience your sharing .

How do I find these keywords ?

Its not free, but well worth the small investment, because if you are trying to actually make an income online, investing money wisely on good tools will you use daily is a wise decision. I use a very reliable push button, SEO keyword tool. You can read my post here on Jaxxy, I think the starter plan is $19.00 per month. I don’t pay for it because it is included with the hosting plan I have, visit my post here if you are interested.

use pinterest Internet Marketing for an Online Business Social Media Marketing why I choose Pinterest

Social media marketing isn’t a quick fix for no traffic especially when you are doing it for free. It actually isn’t a quick fix even if you decide to pay using Social shout outs or FaceBook ads either.

In my opinion this is merely a paid version of spam because I hate being carpet bombed with ads while surfing the net. Sorry a bit off point .

As we all know Facebook is going through some rough times, as a result they have really clamped down on personal accounts and the audience is shrinking .

They have also been around for the longest so the attraction, is starting to ware on folks .

Twitter and Instagram have basically been over taken with spammers also, you have seen it “Retweet get 1000 followers”. Followers are not worth it if they are actually not going to engage with you .

Both a ” Tweet” or a “Facebook post” have a very short life, it will only be seen for a limited time. A Pinterest Pin on the other hand has the ability to stick around for months. As a result this can be a constant virtual gateway to your website or blog.

The secret when using Pinterest for traffic generation is designing a good-looking pin, one that attracts people to repin and share.

This is easy, because you can use a free tool like Canva to quickly create attractive Pins. You can check out my post here on affiliate marketing using Pinterst here.

email for Internet Marketing for an Online Business Email Marketing with MailChimp

Email marketing has the best return on investment because it can be done totally for free or very little. This is one of the driving factors for deciding to use MailChimp as my go to email service.

ONE warning if you use MailChimp and you are using it for affiliate marketing. They do NOT Allow you to send affiliate links to your list. You will be band almost immediately, because your mailings are scanned by MailChimp every time you mail your contacts.

I do some affiliate marketing, the work-around I work use is simple and serves 2 purposes. I email my list when I have a new blog post. This can either be content my contacts can actually use or a post containing an affiliate link.

This way I can easily promote an offer and get targeted visitors back to my site. This helps with SEO because it is important to search engines that visitors are actually engaging your content.

When visitors stay on your site and read what you have written, your ” bounce rate” decreases. Believe me this is a good thing for your business


As you have seen internet marketing for an online business doesn’t have to break the bank. But investing in the correct marketing tools and platforms you can have success .

Three methods that I currently used to market and attract visitors to my business website. As I mentioned at the beginning of my post, this will take some work on your part. You can significantly shorten your path to success by getting some free affiliate marketing training that I recommend by clicking here.

To your success !!


If you have any questions or thoughts please take a minute and comment below …

thank you Rick  😊




16 thoughts on “Internet Marketing for an Online Business on a Limited Budget”

  1. Thank you for sharing your experience and the tools you use for your online business.

    I need to start my email marketing, I’ll use mailchimp, it is free for 2000 contacts.

    For social media, I have Facebook and Twitter. Not much traffic from these two media. I have to learn Pinterest and learn how to design good and attractive pins.

    I hope my site will have more traffic soon. Thank you.

    • Hi Christina if you are just starting out using Pinterest for affiliate marketing don’t give up , It actually takes a few months to get your traffic rolling , the more your pin  gets repinned and saved the more traffic you will be getting , These Pins will bring you traffic for months to come. Thank you for your comment

  2. Hello, Rick great article. I’ve seen Facebook on the news a lot recently and think the trouble they are having are going to cause people to stop trusting them. I have never heard of Mailchimp and I want to thank you for the information on them, I am going to look into it, as my next traffic tool. It’s always great to read such a helpful post. You will help many people on their road to successfully working from home.

    • Thanks for the comment Lance , Mailchimp offers so good advice and training  for those starting off with email marketing , its simple to use especially if you build your sites using wordpress, you cant beat free in my opinion. to Your Success !! 

  3. Of all these free methods, my favourite is SEO. It is the very best free method to get unlimited free traffic if properly done. I’m not that familiar with Pinterest but I see people talk good about it all the time so I’ll have to give it a try since it has the potential of providing free traffic. Yeah. Facebook, tweeter and Instagram are flooded by Fake people. I see them all the time especially in MMO niche.

    • Hi Barry thanks for your comment, Yes social media platforms are flooded with SPAM . I am not saying that Pinterest is Spam free but it is growing in popularity at an alarming pace, I find it actually relaxing to create a pin on a new post and share it with my followers.

  4. Great article on how to run an affiliate marketing business on a budget. Content marketing, SEO, keywords and social and email marketing are all strategies I use on a daily basis. I love using Jaaxy for keyword research, and Wealthy Affiliate is simply the best platform online for anyone wanting to break into the affiliate marketing world. 

    Like you, I love Pinterest. I was aware that Facebook posts had a very short life, and that’s one reason I enjoy using Pinterest. I market my content on Twitter, but I have to say, I don’t like it as much as the other platforms. 

    I use Canva to design my Pinterest graphics, and MailChimp is awesome for email marketing. We’re on the same page. Thank you!

    • Thank you for your comments Holly , when marketing your product or service you can’t beat free !! Love it 

  5. I like these marketing strategies. I think to start off with trying to target free traffic is essential to getting successful in the long run.

    I used to do a lot of Pinterest but for my Niche it didn’t get the results I wished. Pinterest is a lot of work if you want to do it right, now I focus on content and SEO. Once my site gets a lot of free traffic I’ll get the email list thing going. 

    Many say it’s important to start the email list in the beginning but again, I think first should my website get traffic and this traffic I will then send to my list.

    • Thanks for your post , yes getting free traffic to your site using content marketing is the way to go . Build an audience first and then use a give away to build your list , keep offering value to them for free via newsletters and mailings  and then start sending your affiliate links . An easy way to keep in touch with your list and offer value is every time you write an new post, email them the link to your post

  6. Hello Rick, thank you for sharing this information about internet marketing for an online business on a limited budget. It’s a great idea to start off by focusing on one source first especially as a newbie and then carefully expand just as you have said. Awesome tips here. I’m familiar with the SEO type of a thing. It’s one of my favorite free ways to get traffic.

    • Hi Eazzy thank you for your comment , SEO with content is King without all you have is a bunch of words on a page !!

  7. Hi Rick – I found this article to be very interesting, educational, and informative.  I had not heard of Mailchimp before, so appreciate learning about something new.

    I think a lot of people can relate to this and will be engaged by the content.  Well done on a nicely written article.


  8. What a great article.  I really had no clue about Instagram and Twitter being so saturated.  I guess its time to focus on Pinterest.

    I to am a fan of doing my work with mostly free tools like search engine and content marketing.

    I really enjoyed reading this article as Im sure with your advice I will end up saving a lot of time on my promotions and hopefully not get kicked off Mailchimp.


    • Mailchimp has a lot to offer all for free , its a great place to start as they have a solid reputation and a good inboxing rate , also the integration with wordpress is almost seamless , 

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