I want to work online, because I hate my job

I want to work online, do you hate your jobBack in 2012 I decided that I want to work online, I was fed up with the day to day of working a 9 to 5,

dealing with other peoples problems and personalities.

I don’t think I am alone because recent numbers indicate many are in the same position.

Over 50% of North Americans dislike their jobs

It is reported that just over 50% of people working in the USA hate going to their job. This holds true for Canadians as well.

The results of the ADP Canada Sentiment Survey reported that 55% of Millennial workers in Canada plan to make a career change in the near future.

In the USA it was reported in a new Gallup study on the American workplace. That 51 % of people aren’t engaged at work — meaning they feel no real connection to their jobs, and thus they tend to less.

4 Reasons People Hate Their Jobs

People feel stuck in a job

For many people they merely stumbled across a job opportunity, and are still working in the same place. Some people get a sense of loyalty because they have formed work relationships and feel uncomfortable when thinking about leaving a position.

Under paid

Low wages isn’t always the reason many employees feel they want to move on, but it can be a driving factor. We all want to be paid more especially if the demands that the employer puts on you increases and wages don’t. This can cause resentment and make workers unhappy.I want to work online hate my job

Not appreciated

Many people do not feel that they are appreciated at work and have been passed over for a job position. This holds true in larger corporate companies and small businesses

as well.

Sometimes the supervisor may more friendly with a worker and give them a position instead of advancing someone who is more deserving.


Don’t care for Boss

Many workers dislike their boss or supervisor. This may stem from a personality clash or from work history, either way the chances of being happy in a job when this is the case is pretty much impossible.


I personally have felt all above plus more reasons that I was unhappy in a job. I have been working for the past 46 years and have done a number of different jobs. While they served the purpose at the time, I wasn’t exactly passionate about any of them, This was until I decided, I want to work online.

My Journey working online

My online ventures, as I eventually came to find out, weren’t that different from many peoples. Chasing around in circles trying to find the magic formula to get rich online.

While that sad truth is that is while there are a few who get rich, many don’t. Most spend hundreds or thousands of dollars, failing miserably at all attempts to prosper working online.

I was not any different, I was in the thousands category and was thinking I was never going to get ahead. I thought I had done it all rights , following the Gurus secret Sauce, building email lists and on and on.

While I had made some progress I felt I had no direction ,

My turning point

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To Your success !!



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  1. Hi, You a good looking website here it’s full of useful info and it’s very well put together and also easy to navigate.

  2. This is a great article! Giving up your 9 to 5 to work at home full time is a big decision! The taste of freedom that comes with giving up the corporate life is just unreal.

  3. Great article Rick, sounds like we have had a similar journey through the online minefield. Working for yourself is freedom, but sometimes hard work. If you can build passive incomes then your freedom is there for the rest of your life.

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