How To Get Your Website Indexed Fast by Google

How To Get Your Website Indexed Fast by Google , it’s simpler than you think . Getting your website , post or page indexed by search engines especially Google seems to be a common question . In the video below you will see me get my blog post indexed by Google in 2 minutes . You don’t need any fancy tools or expensive wordpress plugins to get this done . I will also include step by step written instructions on how to get your website indexed fast . Enjoy !!

Firstly you will need to connect and verify your website to Google search console . This should be one of the first things to do after you have installed wordpress and have your site live . So I am assuming that you have already done this .
Here is a tip if you are struggling with doing this . Use Yoast SEO plugin , you will be walked through the entire process of connecting and verifying your website .

Here the Steps on How To Get Your Website Indexed Fast by Google

Write and publish your post

Go to Google Search Console and ( if you have more than 1 website ) make sure you are on the site your post is written on.

Find your way to Crawl – fetch as Google-new url inspection tool.crawl-fetch as goole - new url inspection tool

Click go to new search console , you will be taken to this screen .

paste in your Url


Paste in your URL and click on the search tool.

request indexing

You will get the message URL is not on Google . Click on  Request indexing .

searching to see if url can be indexed

You will get the above message , this step can take a few minutes so just hold tight . After a few minutes you will be taken to the next screen if all is good and your URL can be indexed.

indexing requested screen shot


And that is How To Get Your Website Indexed Fast by Google, simple right ? You can also re submit your site map if you like . I personally resubmit my post site map ,but you can do either or all of your site maps .

Take a minute and see the post in the video that was indexed in 2 minutes. Cash Magnets Review 

Having problems or success please post your comment below and give this post a share if you found the information useful. Thanks to your success Rick.

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