How To Avoid Work at Home Scams

avoid scams onlineIf you have been doing any kind of research online to find a stay at home job opportunity, you most likely have seen work at home scams . Most certainly you have already seen many programs offering claims of HUGE earning potential.

Just STOP and think carefully for a minute BEFORE you continue reading the carefully crafted sales letter. They are intended to make you a paying customer. Some sales letters are written in such a way that even seasoned veterans can’t resist buying the promotion.

Anything that states things like:

“Bank an Easy $359.00 1 hour per day ” or ” Easy Push Button System – Copy and Paste $500 per Day on Auto Pilot “. These are almost always unrealistic and are not attainable by 99.9 % of people that purchase the service. These types of products are known in Affiliate Marketing as ” Shiny Objects “.  The long Sales Pages are intended to turn opportunity seekers into buyers and hopefully repeat customers. I know I have gone down that Rabbit hole many times myself .

Do Some Research

Before you buy do some due diligence, I narrowly avoided jumping into a $ 997.00 USA dollars program that looked like a very legit opportunity on the surface.

It wasn’t until I dug deeper and found many complaints about the business . It was based around the premises of supplying you with a done for you micro niche site that would make money through PPC networks .

There are many websites that you can access for researching your new-found opportunity but here are a few that I recommend you start with. Do a quick search using the sites below and see if anything comes up. I have personally found when looking to see if the opportunity is real or not, that you can get a better reading by simply Googling the name of the product creator.

Sites you can visit to help Avoid Work at Home Scams

BBB Scam Tracker℠  –  BBB Institute for Marketplace Trust
Spot a business or offer that sounds like an illegal scheme or fraud? Tell us about it. Help us investigate and warn others by reporting what you know.


Learn about recent scams and how to recognize the warning signs. Read the FTC’s most recent alerts or browse scams by topic.

AARP Scam watch The american association for retired people is a great source of information


How to recognize, avoid, and take action against scams. Protect personal information, and prevent identity theft both online and offline.

DO NOT Rely Solely on Review Websites

There any many useful reviews on the internet that you can rely on when buying consumer products from

  • Amazon
  • Home Depot
  • other similar large corporate sites.

But many of the reviews you see online are created by affiliates. They are trying to Sell you the product or opportunity. I am not saying that all of them are not honest just be mindful of the fact.

I also do recommendations or reviews on products. But only on the systems or opportunities or tools that I personally have either tried or continue to use and have found to be useful to my business.

Do they have a Refund Policy

When purchasing a product or service ensure that they have a refund policy, if not why.

Certainly if you bought into a program that offers monthly subscriptions. And halfway through the month you decide to cancel you are usually not entitled to a refund.

If you do venture into buying a product and it does not measure up to what was promised then you should be entitled. I lean favorably to paying with PayPal as you have an extra layer of buying protection.

If a product vendor uses a PayPal as a payment processor and they get to many complaints, they could lose the ability to continue to collect payments.

Is there a Free Trial offer

This is another method of avoiding Scams. By being able to access the product, you have the chance to actually look around and see what they offer.

I am always a bit skeptical to sign up to a promotion that needs my credit card information before the trial period ends.

You may have a different opinion depending on your credit card company. In my case getting a charge back is a real process and I try to avoid it .

Final Thoughts about Work at Home Scams

While there are a lot of fraudulent programs and services online, there are also reputable opportunities. Anything that offers you the ability to Get Rich Overnight is most likely not a valid opportunity. To actually make and sustain income online takes some work.

Yes there are sites you can join and click on ads top earn money. But but at one cent per click it obviously takes a long time to even earn the $ 5 – $10 payout level.

My personal goal when I started working online, was to be able to earn a second income and build on my business over a few years. I was able to do that by being a member of WA, you can access my post here .  It may be just what you are looking for , I can personally guarantee that it is not just another scam.

To your success

If you have any questions or thoughts on this post How To Avoid Work at Home Scams please take a minute and comment below …

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9 thoughts on “How To Avoid Work at Home Scams”

  1. I wish i had known all this years ago. I was so gullible and really believed the information I was getting.

    You certainly did hit the nail on the head with what you saying and, how these scammers are working to prey on those who don’t know any better.

    I also do appreciate to leave the links for researching to find out if a online business is legit or not.

    But, like you, I have finally found the right platform where I can trust their method and grow my own business.

    Wealthy Affiliate is the way to go and I can confirm this.

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Hi Rick,

    Thanks for the advice on how not to fall victim to these scams.  It’s so frustrating to read through those long sales pages and get pumped up to start earning an income just to find out it’s another scam.  I guess it’s true that if it feels to good to be true, it is.  Will definitely take your advice into consideration when reading through future sales pitches that promise lots of wealth with little effort.  Thanks!  Have you found ways to streamline some of your effort at least so that you don’t have to work as hard at it?

  3. HA HA, excellent. I have fallen prey to some of these promotional schemes as well and was very blessed as to at least get my money back. I know full well that there are way more people out there who want to fleece my pockets and yours. You are a member of Wealthy Affiliate? And you feel that it is better in some way?

    Could you explain how it is not a scam? Or how it offer anything more relevant than the others offers out there? My wife and I have looked for just such a business opportunity for quite some time and are always on the lookout for one. 

    • Hi free4life , yes I am an active member of Wealthy Affiliate and can verify that it is not a Scam , Firstly in any and all of the promotional material they never once tell you that if you join WA you will get rich overnight or make an easy $ xx amount per day . 

      Wealthy Affiliate gives you everything they promote , all the tools and training to give you the best possible chance to succeed online. There are actual people from all walks of life that you can access to chat with and ask any question you want .

      My recommendation is join for free and take a look around  and see for yourself what exactly is offered . Click here to sign up free , no money needed , no credit card info Nada

  4. Thanks for the great post.  I usually find myself utilizing my Google-foo when researching opportunities.  Sadly, there are many scams out there and they produce so many fake reviews it can be difficult to evaluate them properly.

    You’re right about obvious red-flags such as promising to make X$  with little to no effort or in Y days, etc.  I really appreciate the list of resources you have provided to assist in checking an opportunity out.

    Thanks again for sharing this information.

    • Thank you for  your comment and tip Scott , sadly too many people are getting the wool pulled over their eyes !! 

  5. Actually, I’ve been a victim. Unfortunately, I fell victim to so many marketers who promote “work from home’ ideas, software, and products but I found one that worked well for me for over a year. I guess I should have paid more attention and done my due diligence before opting for the program.

    • Hi Samantha sorry to here your story ,it is more common that not these days as greedy people choose to takes advantage of who ever they can. Due diligence unfortunately is a necessity online today , as per my post there are many free resources to check …before you buy.

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