How Can I Build a Website For Free

how to build a site using wordpressI recently sent a poll to my subscribers asking, what problems do you face creating an online presence .

The response I got back was a bit surprising, 42 % of respondents answered, “how can I build a website”. The second most popular question at 38% was “how to build a site using wordpress”. The third most popular at 34% was” how can I build my own website free “.

So I decided to write this post, if you are interested in how to build a website step by step, or even for free, using wordpress, I am here to help. Building a website for a local or online business is easier than ever because of the  creators of wordpress. WordPress is an open source website creation tool that is widely used. This is because, it is probably the most powerful and user-friendly website creator tool you will find.

This means, that if you are looking to create your own niche or local business website, it is relatively easy because, all the tools that are widely available. Also, the cost of building and hosting your site should be factored in when choosing a platform to host your domain .

Building websites has been simplified, this is because there are platforms on the web that offer “bullet proof” ways to create a very professional looking web page. If you are just beginning or somewhat experienced at building websites, read on because there are a few things you should consider before building your site or blog.

Things to consider when building a website:

Firstly you have your website, which is your “online presence”. Then you also have hosting, the place that stores your website. People who visit your site need it served ( so they can view it ) quickly and efficiently, so they will stay on your website longer. If your website is either slow to load or hard to navigate, the visitor will leave your site, because there are many other options for them t look at .

There are important aspects to websites that make the difference to how your visitor reacts to your pages.

  • Page load speed
  • Professional Looking design
  • Simple to Navigation
  • Quality content
  • Uses a CMS or Content Management System

You will be operating a very successful (and profitable) website If you can accomplish these key aspects. The easiest and quickest way to accomplish this is by using wordpress.


how can I build my own website freeThe Simplicity of WordPress Content Management System (CMS)

Most of you have heard of WordPress because it is the most widely used website framework. And of course, this website was built using WordPress. Building a website or Blog is now easy for everyone, most of the techie hurdles have been completely stripped away because of Content Management Systems like WordPress.

A few of the benefits of using WordPress.

  • Typically, very easy to install and set-up
  • No HTML, no code, no need for some advanced knowledge
  • Over 1,000 different  free web page templates to choose from
  • Over 10,000 “free add on” features and website functionality plugins

WordPress is my choice, I use it to build all of my websites and have been doing so for the last 3 years.

Now I want to show YOU how you can get your very own WordPress website, and how to build a website in the next few minutes.

As I said, I can help, if you are willing to take action on the tips i gave you. If you want a free WordPress website in less than 5 minutes from now,you are going to need to take 3 steps.

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And just like that, you are going to have your very own Free fully functional WordPress website up and running.

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Results of the Poll Questions

  1. Most popular question, how can I build a website…..answered
  2. Second most popular question, how to build a site using wordpress…answered
  3. Third most popular question, how can I build my own website free…answered

I hope this helps, working trying to earn an income online is an enormous task. Without proper advice and help it is an uphill struggle and I would estimate that over 90% of people fail. Some spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars chasing online work at home scams that promise easy income with little effort. These programs do not deliver, believe me I have tried many of them.

To your Success !!



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9 thoughts on “How Can I Build a Website For Free”

  1. Hello Rick, I see you have done a great job about posting information on a building website. People are somehow search the internet about online business and face a problem for building website. Some think that it needs time and some thinks it is critical. I think this information really helps them to get overall idea and the best solution of building website easily.

    However, I recently joined Wealthy Affiliate site and I found there is a lot of training available for successful online business. Thank you for sharing this. 

    • Thank you for your comments , you have made the right choice in joining the Wealthy affiliate community , you will do great if you put the work in , that I can promise 

  2. Hi Ric,

    good article about setting up a website. I like how you highlighted the 5 key points one needs to do this.

    I have a few questions about page load speed – what is a good speed? how do we improve it and does content or images have bigger impact?

    is siterubix better than wordpress or the are same? 

    • Hi Tarun thank you for your comment ,I am actually planning to write a post on that very thing soon . I always shoot for 100 but anything around 90 is fine, You can use the Google Page speed insights tool here too anilyize your page . Yes optimizing images can have a huge effect on your page load speed as well , you can get image optimizer plug ins free through your wordpress plugins dashboard. Limiting the size of images will help and only loading above the fold content will improve your score as well . Another factor that the page speed tool loks at is how fast your pages load in a mobile device , I recommend using using an Amp results plugin also you can get this free through your wordpress plugin dash board just search new plugin – AMP –  and a list of plugins will populate. 

      Site Rubix is actually a hosting platform that uses wordpress as a Content Management System or CMS , as a whole Site Rubix combines , Hosting , a webpage builder, a SEO keyword tool, a content writing platform and training , and is managed by the wealthy affiliate developers you can read my post here .  In short Site Rubix is different than wordpress but both are outstanding …in my opinion . To your success !!

  3. Wow! I’m surprised at the results of your recent poll. I know of so many options for building websites, but I guess I take for granted, and should be aware that not everyone knows there are many avenues for building their online presence. Like you, WordPress is my preferred platform for building and maintaining my websites. I do know several other people that prefer to “drag-and-drop” functionality of other tools (such as Wix or SquareSpace), but I think WordPress is coming along nicely with its drag-and-drop capability too (i.e. Gutenberg). Thanks for the succinct and useful article! 

  4. I know it seems like such a daunting tasking building a site! There are so many out there and many of them look completely professional. I bet someone looking at how to build a website could be overwhelmed. But you made it look so easy!

    And I can attest to the fact that building a website today is SO easy. I used to build them out – by hand – in HTML way back in the day. Let me tell you, it really is as easy as 1,2,3 now. We are so lucky to have the tools that we do. Trust me! lol 

    Do you think SiteRubx is a platform that will get recognized in Google? Can you make money with a free SiteRubix website? 

    • Hi Christina , I see lots of Blogger and Wix sites that show up in searches and rank , mind you I do spend a lot of hours online..  I believe if you provide great content that people are searching for and target the right keywords then yes a Site Rubix site will show up in Google . In my opinion Google will provide any worthy content to people who are entering the search term .. Can you make money using a free Site Rubix website  , well that question is hard to answer, just because you hosting your site on a PAID platform doesn’t guarantee that you will make money either. The simple solution to making money online is to provide people a solution to a problem they are either currently have or may have in the near future… Just my opinion , thank you for your comment , To your Success !!  

  5. Nowdays online marketing is a growing business and I think everyone should learn about it and atleast try it for once if it works for them. You have wrote an awesoema article full of precious informations that can help tons of help in the online world.

    People thing it’s hard to learn it but it’s not really. When I started my online business I had no idea about how to create a website or so. But in few weeks I learned a lot and it is a lot easier than it looks

    • Thank you for your comment Sujandar , yes building a website to give you online presence is a much simpler  task than it used to be 10 years ago , basically its push button when using wordpress to create a blog or site. There are so many plugins and features you can add to your wordpress site it is simply an amazing  content management system. 

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