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Google Analytics For BusinessIf you are just getting started, then it helps to know as much as you can about Google Analytics and how it helps in online marketing. Using Google Analytics for business is common among website and blog owners and is a great tool when installed. Millions of websites use Google Analytics today and it is for a good reason. Google Analytics accounts are often numbered in a sequence, meaning that there are millions of accounts that have been created so far. Some of these accounts are inactive though.

Why you should use Google Analytics for business

If you have Google Analytics installed on your site, then you probably know that it is collecting a lot of data from your website. That data can be used positively to help you grow your brand to greater heights.

Google Analytics helps you measure how many visitors your site is receiving. Most of the people using Google Analytics do it because:

1. The user interface is nice and clean and fairly easy to use

2. Blog owners are able to make the best business decision based on the data available

3. The cloud infrastructure offered by Google helps web owners to go through large sets of data faster

4. Web masters can use the standard version which is free of charge which is helpful if you are working on a tight budget

5. It is a powerful software and an important aspect to success online

To be sincere, data is the most important thing but when it stands alone, and then it loses its strength. You need to understand the data and then use it properly to improve your site. Evaluating the data allows you to know what is working to your advantage and what is not. This helps you to make your next move.

Getting Started

The greatest challenge that most people face when they are using Google Analytics is that they may not know what to do. Too much data can be overwhelming and it can seem like an impossible mountain to climb. Getting started seems to be the most challenging thing for most bloggers.

The most important thing to do is not to start with the data provided. It always makes more sense to begin with the important questions. Data should answer questions, but if you do not know the questions, then it will not make any sense.

You also have to know how to use the interface and navigate it. You should know what kind of data is usually collected as well. It is important to have some level of tactical skills that allow you to dig in and find all the essential things. Knowing the basics of Google Analytics helps largely and when you are equipped with the necessary skills, you will understand web traffic in a much better way.

The ABCs of Google Analytics

Google Analytics and Business

Google has created a framework that allows users to understand analytics much better. The ABCs are acquisition, behavior, and conversion. Many reports found in Google Analytics are able to break the metrics into the three categories.

A = Acquisition – how exactly can you get new users? How many can you acquire? In addition, where do you source them from?

B = Behavior – how are the users behaving on your site? Is the bounce rate high? Are they taking interest and staying longer? Are they reacting?

C = Conversion – do the users take the kind of action that is most desired once they are on the site? Are they converting?

Before anything else, you will need to take time and understand your business objectives. You have to create a plan. Be business minded to some extent. Data can be valuable if you use it to increase volume and profit. In most cases, the objectives of the website are almost always related to a bottom line. This is the reason why profitability is often related to the volume, especially where analytics are concerned.

You should know the number of sessions where a user takes positive action because this helps you to know where the efforts should really be. The best factor that allows you to make a good measurement of the conversion rate is the users but not the sessions.

In the past, users were the factor when optimizer tests were being conducted. However, this was not set as the default. You need to configure goals within Google Analytics as this will help you to know whether users are taking the most desirable action or not.

Watch the video below to learn how to setup Google Analytics and install it on your wordpress website.

The Goals

The goal can be configured as a simple input like thank you page kind of page URL which is what the user will see once the goal has been completed. Other goals like tapping phone numbers into smartphones can be easily tracked using the events. You may need different resources to assist you in this area. For the eCommerce sites, you will need eCommerce reporting as it will track the revenue you get. You need to be creative when it comes to the objectives. Offline and online actions can be easily captured using Google Analytics today, which makes things very convenient.

Looking at Channels

One of the reasons as to why people make use of Google Analytics is to establish the source of traffic. This is then compared to other marketing channels’ performance. When you want to make decisions based on the data, the top channels should not be the only ones evaluated.

You need to look deeper into the reports. You should always get a full view of the performance of your site. The kind of decisions that you make regarding how and where energies are focused can be made according to this.

Google Analytics is capable of identifying where the traffic is coming from like search engines. If you want a better visibility regarding the performance of marketing, campaign tagging becomes a necessity. If you get traffic from Facebook, for example, you need to know where the link has been posted. Is it from someone else’s post or was it your own paid ad?

You need to know how many visits you received from the email newsletter that you sent as well. This will help you to know whether your email marketing strategies are working to your advantage or not. Google Analytics also helps you know whether the affiliate program that you are taking part in is paying off or not. Campaign tagging is therefore very necessary.

Spend time on  SEO content and make it the best. This area should take much of your time perfecting. You can use free keyword tools like Jaxxy to help you with this task. Once this is done, using Google Analytics for business will help you identify your most viewed content. This in turn allows you to make better choices on the content you are creating.

Increase your Blog Traffic the Easy way

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  1. I am using google analytics for some time, but I never knew it is so complex…
    Your article is very inspiring, I will take a much closer look and maybe take some notes
    Very useful, thanks for spending your time to share this with us

  2. Thank you Rick for sharing with us ¨Using Google Analytics for Business¨. I realize that when you make a decision to buy Business Intelligence Software, such as like Google Analytics it´s important not only to see how experts like you evaluate it in their reviews, but also I´d like to find out if the real people and companies that buy it are actually satisfied with the product. After  all Google offers a suite of advanced applications, including Analytics 360, Tag Manager 360, Optimize 360, (beta), Attribution 360, Audience Center 360 (beta) and Data Studio 360 beta which can be purchased together or separately and are priced on quote basis.What I would like to gauge is customer satisfaction and if there´s such a study gathering customer reviews, comments and opinions across a wide range of social media sites to help me make an informed buying decision. Don´t misunderstand me I expect a large number of positive reaction, but how many people  had positive and negative experience with Google Analytics?

    • Thank you for your comments , I am not sure what the user review rating is on google analytics , what I do no that it is a pretty comprehensive data collection platform that any business can use to track their visitors engagement. 

  3. although  I have been a blogger  for while I am yet to download the Google analytics for my site  and I have realized I have been missing alot that would helps me I need understand performance of my site .thanks for this blog I am  downloading analytics asap I can’t wait any longer I have to do it know.

    • Hi Charles you do not need to down load google analytics , there is a word press plugin you can use or you can simply place a bit of code into your header before the closing tag here is a link to a video on using a SEO  wordpress plugin 

  4. Thank you so much for this valuable article on Google Analytics. As you said we need to be aware of our business goals in order to use the analytics data properly and use that information for business development. This article is really important to me as I am a online marketer. This is my first time I have read about Google Analytics in this detailed.

  5. I was happy to come across your Google analytics article because I did set up Google analytics, but I honestly wasn’t really sure how to use it.  This gave me a better understanding of how the information can answer questions I have about where traffic is coming from and how long they are staying and what they are doing.  That’s pretty cool.

    I see you recommended the Jaaxy keyword tool, and that I have been using, and I absolutely love it.  It has really helped me to find keywords to target on my blog posts and it’s super easy to use.

    Thanks for a great article.

    • Hi Babsie glad that you found my post helpful , yes I couldn’t more Jaxxy is super easy to use and the results are excellent for finding keywords to rank for . 

  6. I’ve setup Google Analytics on my site but the data is still not much and therefore might not be relevant as of now. But one thing I would like to ask is how can I give instruction to Google Analytics so they won’t track clicks or activities that I did to my site. For example, I do not want Google Analytics to track my own clicks when I am creating new post. 

    • Thank you for your comment Florence , Google analytics will not track your you activity when you are in your website editor . Hope this helps ? 

  7. Great detailed walkthrough Google Analytics.

    I use the free tool for some time but the conversion part of the tool I have not used so far. Due to my website not being too old and not yet having the sufficient traffic I think for now I just youse the numbers of visits, the bounce rate value and check where my traffic is coming from.

    I’m glad to have read this post because now I will go and do some more discovering on the free Google platform.

    • thank you for your comment Stefan tracking your traffic and where it is coming from can help you build more campaigns to actually monitize that traffic stream , to your success !! 

  8. Great Post! I have just downloaded Google Analytics. I have not spent much time discovering its capabilities and how it will help me. This article is spot on and will give me a jump in understanding the mechanics of it.
    Thank you for such a detailed article.
    Diversified Nana

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