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Using the right keywords to get your pages or post ranked on the first page of Google can be a difficult task. You can use my free seo keyword finder below to give yourself a huge advantage over the competition. Just enter your keyword into the search box and hit the button.




Where should your keywords be used ?

Free SEO Keyword Finder


Have you ever seen a post on a blog where it is evident that they are “keyword stuffing” in an effort to rank their page. The post is unnatural and barely readable, your tenancy is to exit the site as the content is poorly written.

Keyword placement is important for a few reasons. Firstly you don’t use keywords to make a post interesting to read, you use keywords to get found.

This is the basic idea of SEO or search engine optimization.

  • Choose the right Keyword
  • Write a blog posts using the word properly
  • Get indexed in Google or Bing, ideally on the first page
  • Someone searches the keyword term
  • They see you post and visit your site
  • You give them the information they were looking for

Using this Free SEO Keyword Finder to Choose the right keyword


I prefer to go after keywords with low competition because I know from experience that I can’t compete against keywords with huge volumes of monthly traffic. I would rather have 100 visits a month from a low competition keyword than none from a word with high search volume.

Write a blog Post using the keyword properly

The keyword you chose doesn’t need to show up in every paragraph. In fact, I prefer to use it sparingly, if you look at this post I have used the keyword term ” Free SEO Keyword Finder “. It is in the title, in the URL and in this paragraph and that’s it .

Get indexed in Google, ideally on the first page and getting visitors

Getting on the first page of search results using a low completion keyword is much easier, this is pretty obvious. Your probably visiting this page because you entered the exact word phrase of my keyword, or something very close.

Hopefully this was the information you were looking for.

As you can see you don’t need to be a professional blogger to get first page rankings. You don’t need to use any Black Hat methods to get visitors. What you do need to know is what keywords to use and where to use them.

I use the keyword tool Jaaxy, yes the exact same one that is above in the beginning of this post. I am no SEO wizard, that’s for sure !! Jaaxy is so simple to use, that anyone in any Niche can easily be ranking pages in the search engines. With a push of a button you can finally be seen, because Jaaxy is the complete Seo tool.

If you want to take your business to the next level, take this free affiliate marketing training. This is a 10 free lesson starter course for beginners but experienced bloggers will also benefit from the training. I personally refer to the training daily because there is a lot of valuable tips you can easily used to gain an edge.

To your success !!


If you have any questions or thoughts on this post Free SEO Keyword Finder please take a minute and comment below …

thank you Rick  😊



6 thoughts on “Free SEO Keyword Finder”

  1. I’ve not used any keyword tool before because most of them are paid and as a new blogger, I do have a bit of budget constraint. I was using Google Keyword Planner for a while, but later learned that it’s only meant for paid traffic. Having access to a free SEO keyword tool would be great because a lot of my posts are still not indexed or ranked. 

    As I am writing this, I am trying to sign up to Jaaxy. It says to create a trial account so I am guessing it’s a paid tool at some point. How is this a free tool then? 

  2. Hi Rick, 

    I use Jaaxy to find the Keywords and it’s a very easy, powerful and helpful tool to work with.

    I am a newbie at blogging and Jaaxy help me to be indexed by google, bing and Yahoo. As you said, it’s nothing magic, I don’t need to be a wizard and it work. 

    I like the fact that you write a keyword in Jaaxy and it will propose other suggestion  with the volume of traffic and that is awesome

    Thanks for the share


    • Thank you for your comment Mathieu , yes Jaxxy is a well rounded all in one tool for all skill levels .. 

  3. Hey Rick, very informative post and good advice.
    The low competition words or “low hanging fruit” are key and sometimes that can be difficult to find depending on the niche but Jaaxy really helps narrow things down.
    Good recommendation!
    Thank you for posting!

    • Thank you for your comment Sydney , your absolutely right the tendency of people is to go after the keywords with the most monthly searches to get free seo traffic. Most of these words are way to competitive to even get close to ranking for. Using jaxxy to find alternatives is simple and quick .

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