Explode My Payday Review, Just Another Loser ?

Explode my Payday Review product Overview 

Product Name: Explode my Payday

Website: explodemypayday.com

Product Type: Affiliate marketing sold through  Clickbank .

Owner: Narrator Megan Harper, not a real person

Price:  $47  –  17 $ if you try to leave the sales page and follow the pop ups

Headline Claims on Sales video:   This One Simple Loophole Can Have You Cashing 3 Checks a Week”… Here’s Your Shot To Make $237DAILY!

Do I Recommend Explode My Payday ?  No

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As with most of these types of Hyped up products this was in email inbox the other day  so I decided to take a look.

Subject: YOU ARE VERY LUCKY !!!!

I wish I had a shortcut when I started my online business.

You see, I have invested the time and energy to learn precisely what to do… what NOT to do…


Over time, I’ve studied my tips and tactics, I’ve evaluated my results.

Now I have a foolproof game plan that simply WORKS.

You have it easy and don’t have to put in nearly the time and effort I did.

You don’t have to second guess. Or make mistakes.

Because it’s ALL DONE.

All you need to do is join my financial team.

There are only 45 spots waiting to be filled…

So what else are you waiting for?

Lock your spot RIGHT NOW!!!

I removed the affiliate links for obvious purposes . I clicked the link inside the email and I was taken to another cheesy sales video.


It was totally obvious from the very beginning it was just another low quality ClickBank loser .

I wont say it’s a scam because technically you will receive something for your money .

What exactly is Explode my Payday

First warning sign !

Megan Harper narrator shutterstock image Firstly Megan Harper shown in the sales video is actually a stock photo from Shutter stock .

The narrator sets off explaining she wants to a new  software . One that is setup and will  explode your business. It is a software that is being adopted by the smallest to biggest players online. This is  because it is taking average people businesses to earning  over $1000 per day .

The done for you website that is being generated as the sales video is playing will be hosted for you on Explode my Pay day servers .

The software that Megan has created is hands free in fact her team will manage everything for you . They we be working to make me money and the setup process is so easy a child can do it. Right Here are just a few of the warning signs associated with products like this .

Warning Signs all through out the sales video

Scripted actors  giving  Testimonies

False testimonies from hired actors are a sure sign that the product is lacking in all aspects and needs to be propped up .

This is just another warning that the product is not worth buying . I don’t see anything wrong with hiring actors to be your spokes person but as far as false claims are concerned ?

Paid actor found on Fiverr

Pop ups to get you to buy

As you try to exit out of the sales video you will be greeted with pop ups offering Explode my Pay for discounted pricing.

The one below is for $20.00 off. If you press the No I would rather give up my spot button  you can actually buy it  for as low as $17 .

explode my payday pop up

Unexpected Up-sells ?

The reasoning behind these pop ups are top get you to buy and then up sell you . This is a common tactic adopted widely with Affiliate Marketing products.

I didn’t actually find out exactly what the price of the up-sells were but found this on the JV page . It appears that there are 2 up-sells one for $179.00 and another for $89.00 if my math is correct ?

upsells explode my payday

This is a bit confusing because the sales video says they give you everything you need to start making money .

At a possible $237.86 per sale I would say the cost to actually put Explode my Payday into action is going to cost you much more than $47.00 ?

As I was trying to exit the sales page video  I was prompted not to leave empty handed and was offered 3 gifts .

downloads offered by explode my payday


So I decided to look at the Bottom one , Work from anywhere Program . Coffee shop Income Generator. It turns  out one of the actors who was in the Explode my Payday appeared in the first few seconds of that video as well .


same actor in coffee shop income generator as explode my payday

The Good and Bad of Explode my Payday

Good :

  1. 60 day money back Guarantee. I recommend checking the refund policy because there may be certain conditions  to meet .before you can get the refund?

Bad : 

  1. False testimonies on product income claims.
  2. Pressure sales tactics.
  3. Up-sells are not announced as seem to be expensive.
  4. Unsure exactly what the product is.
  5. Actors appear in more than one sales video , product looks to have different names?
  6. Rehashed product, same as  Private Cash Sites.



My Final Verdict

Explode my Payday is pretty much junk , these types of products are meant to get people who are not savvy to internet marketing to open their wallets . Personally I am getting tried of all these hyped up claims and is the reason that I did this Explode my payday review. If you are also fed up with misleading products like Explode my Payday and would like to actually start a real online business that you can be proud stick with me for a minute .

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If you have any questions or thoughts on Explode my Payday Review  please leave any comments below.

Thanks, Rick

Explode my Payday


60 day money back guarantee


Fake testimonies


misleading info


upsells are expensive


Not totally sure what the product is



  • 60 Day Refund


  • Fake testimonies
  • pressure sales
  • Up sells are expensive
  • Unsure of what product actually is

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