Best Part Time Jobs From Home – Vintage Patent Prints Review

best part time jobs from home

This week I am reviewing what I feel is one of the best part time jobs from home that anyone can easily start on a very limited budget, I would like to introduce you to Vintage Blue Print Cash Bonanza. I purchased the course and upgrades for under $60.00 , as you continue to read, I am confident that you will find the value in this small home business idea.

Best Part Time Jobs From Home

Vintage Blueprints Cash Bonanza Review

Name: Vintage Blueprints Cash Bonanza


Price: $27.00 plus 2 upgrades @ $17.00 per upgrade

Owners: Stuart Turnbull & Bart Hennin

Overall Legit Rank:  … See Below 

Vintage Blueprints Cash Bonanza Product Overview

The basic premise behind this product is to create vintage patent prints by accessing free vintage patent drawings that are classed public domain. Stuart’s PDF course will show you exactly how and where to access these patents and use free photo editing software to create a variety of downloadable prints that have become very popular. Consider the following .

You can create downloadable prints of virtually 100s of topics from the 1800 – 1900s the list is almost endless.

  • Motorcycles
  • Bicycles
  • Roller Skates
  • Boats
  • Airplanes and flying machines
  • Dentist Chairs
  • Fishing Lures and rods

motor bike vintage patents Or Vintage Patent drawings of Fishing

Or Vintage Patent drawings of Fishing


After you have created your patent prints the author Stuart Turnbull then continues to show you where you can sell your creations for a next to nothing by setting up an Etsy shop.

If you haven’t heard of Etsy I will elaborate, basically Etsy is an online selling platform were craftsman and women sell their goods.

You can start a Etsy store for free, it only costs 20 cents to list an item for 4 months, you can do your own research on Etsy here, I can tell you from experience they are a trusted online source where thousands of people visit and purchase goods.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO # 1

Very extensive training that clearly shows via 100 page PDF Step by Step instructions that cover the whole process in detail including :

  • How To Get 1,000s Of Patent Prints FREE
  • Beautify Your Prints
  • Set Up Your Etsy Shop
  • Create Your Etsy Photos
  • How to Create Your Etsy Listings
  • Training about Selling “PRINT ON DEMAND” Items On Etsy, no carrying iventory
  • Other Different Selling Options and Opportunities


PRO # 2

vintage patent canvas print $160.00The training includes more than one business model that you can use in conjunction to selling downloadable prints on Etsy.  Doing this allows you to offer your products in multiple price ranges

( look at the canvas print below $160.00 ).

You never have to touch the product, just use an “Etsy approved ” print on demand seller. They will handle and supply vintage canvas prints and vintage poster prints shipped directly to your customer.


PRO #3

The cost to actually operate the business model is very reasonable. It only cost approximately $30.00 to start and this includes the cost of the training and listing your first downloadable prints in your Etsy shop.

Stuart also give tips on how to add “tags” to your listings that will help you have your prints found by people searching Etsy for gift ideas etc.

As I mentioned above there are 2 up sells that are in my opinion very reasonably priced and real time savers and add incredible value. These include custom back grounds and other methods to increase the value of your patent drawings.

These upgrades are not required to actually start your business and can be purchased from within your training module that you receive immediately after paying for your course.


The Bad:

CON #1

Getting used to the photo editor can be a bit of a challenge. But after you create a few patent drawings with different back grounds it becomes easier. There is definitely a few shortcuts you can use.  By the time I had finished my 4th Patent Print I could easily do my 5th in an hour.


CON #2vintage patent print velocipede

With so many patent drawings to choose from you can easily get overwhelmed. My suggestion is to choose one niche and expand on it. This way you can specialize in any given category that interest you.

Just to give you some ideas specialize in vintage farm tractor patents or Vintage Sled patents, I decided to go with Vintage Velocipede patents .


Who is Vintage Blueprints Cash Bonanza For?

Anyone who has 2 – 4 hours a week and wants to start a part time online business that is very affordable. If you are looking to get rich doing this it probably won’t happen. If you want to generate some extra income and your are somewhat creative or ever wanted to be this is a very good product. VBCB allows for multiple income streams from one product that you created by putting in a few hours on your computer.

Vintage Blueprints Cash Bonanza Tools & Training

The VBCB course consists of a 100 page PDF that provides easy to follow step by step instructions for finding patent drawings. There is also step by step instruction for how to create your digital product by using free photo editing software. The guide also has detailed instruction on how to start a Etsy store and additional resources to increase your income.


VBCB Support

The creator of the product offer support through his website and sends tips and tricks ( not Spam ) to the email address you supplied when purchasing the course.


Vintage Blueprints Cash Bonanza Price

  • Main course cost is $27.00
  • Upgrade 1 Backgrounds $17,00
  • Upgrade 2 Adding additional value

The second upgrade is not necessary to start. I purchased them both and would recommend buying upgrade 1 for the backgrounds. These backgrounds are already sized properly, if you want to sell jumbo prints for extra income.

My Final Opinion of Vintage Blueprints Cash Bonanza

I have bought many online courses and products. This is honestly one of the better courses I have seen online . It really is different from other money making programs that fail to offer real value.

Name: Vintage Blueprints Cash Bonanza


Price: $27.00 plus 2 upgrades @ $17.00 per upgrade

Owners: Stuart Turnbull & Bart Hennin

Overall Legit Rank: 90 out of 100

VERDICT: Recommended One of the Best Part Time Jobs From Home

recommended online part time job from home


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thank you Rick  😊

Vintage Blueprints Cash Bonanza


Training is very extensive


More than 1 Business model


Reasonable costs to operate



  • Extensive training , easy to follow
  • Choose from more than 1 business model
  • Reasonable cost to maintain


  • Getting familiar with photo editor
  • To Many Patent designs to choose from

12 thoughts on “Best Part Time Jobs From Home – Vintage Patent Prints Review”

  1. Hey, Rick! You did a great job. You know? I have seen many blogs, but I would never have thought of combining my passion for photography with the skills of making vintage patent drawings. 

    Your topic will cause great interest, because it makes a profit. I was inspired by the prospect of a simple home income.In the course of studying your post, I had questions about the next steps after purchasing the program. 

    But I saw in the text a complete picture of this affordable form of home business. I intend to include your post in my mailing list. Thanks for the helpful post. Regards to your work. Mark

    • Thanks for your comment Mark , the course is very complete the author leaves nothing out and is and is a very simple home based business to run . 

  2. Have been looking for a part time online for a long while now. Thank you for the information and explanation  on what it is and how it works. I do not have very much experience in online part time work. I have a writing account  with text broker but that is the extent of it.

    Some questions

    What are some other part time online things to try?

  3. Vintage Patent Prints Review seems like a great and articulate explanation of the patents. But the questions I have is whether  anybody can access the site. Does it have money back guarantee? Overall this review succinctly deal with the value of the prints because of their large coverage. 

    Personally I’ve not used such prints but it would be nice to have access to such patents. Though I find the price to be somewhat confusing. I would love the price to be one off payments not upgrading packages. It will help in having access to several prints without worrying about upgrade. This of course is my opinion. 

    • Hi Edwin the price for the course is $27.00 , you can get along just fine with this as a stand alone , the first upgrade is $17.00 , this includes pre designed 10 Back grounds to present your patent prints on , that would mean that for 1 patent that you choose you would end up with 10 patent Prints to offer for sale instead of one , basically 10X the value to your customers. The upgardes can be bought within the course material after you pay the one time fee of $27.00  , this is a very small amount to pay to start a legitimate online business form home. To your success  

  4. Thank you for your review on Vintage Blue Print Cash.

    I am always looking for good ideas on how to make a few extra bucks online and this looks pretty interesting. I like how there is a low cost to get started and I am not afraid of a little hard work, but how much can one expect to make with this business plan. I appreciate your cost benefit analysis and I understand that this program is not going to make me rich. 

    • Giving you an estimate on how much you can make is something I shy away from , this all depends on how and if you implement your business . Approximately 90% of the people who start something never finish it when you are talking about working online. My intention of this post is not to promise that you will make XXX amount of dollars , but to provide legit work from home opportunities that actually work . To your success 

  5. It seems that Vintage Blueprints Cash Bonanza is a good option as a work at home job, the bad is I don’t have the aptitude for creations… sorry for that. I have tried many times but nope. I will share your post with a friend, she likes craft I think it will be great for her. Thank you for this review 🙂

    • I can appreciate that Maria , just FYI the course is very detailed and walks you through step by step with pictures ect. I had never really done much photo editing but thanks to the  training you get and a little trial and error, I was able to have 4 vintage patent prints ready to sell in under an hour. Thank you for your comment .  

  6. I’ve been looking for a part time gig from home and so glad i came across this post! 

    After reading your post I think i will take a serious look at 

    Thank you so much for shedding light on a solid opportunity!  I think diving into the printable niche is the way to go!

    Really appreciate it!

    Quick question: do you recommend both OTOs?

    • Hi Barry yes this is a solid opportunity to earn a part time income online , the training is very extensive and thorough , the author doesn’t leave you hanging and is easily contacted if you need support , thank you for the comment on my Vintage patent prints review  

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