Best Home Based Business Ideas – Wealthy Affiliate Program

Best Home Based Business Ideas

There are lots of opportunities online today, most of them are not viable as a long term business . Today we are going to explore the Wealthy Affiliate program , I believe it is one of the best home based business ideas for someone looking to start a small home based business. The Wealthy Affiliate system is jammed packed with all the tools and training you need to ” Make It ” in today’s online world.

Best Home Based Business Ideas

Wealthy Affiliate Program  Review

Price: Start Free for 7 days ,  $49.00 per month  
Owners: Kyle and Carson  
Overall Rank: 94 out of 100

Overview of the Program


What I Like

  1.  7-day free trial you can check out all the features
  2. All- in- one online home based business solution
  3. Website hosting and builder included
  4.  Keyword research tool, included with program
  5.  Step by Step video training. Focused around affiliate marketing, SEO, and how to succeed online
  6. Excellent support from Admin and  WA community
  7. Writing platform to assist with website posts
  8. Good solid affiliate program that all members can promote if they want
  9. Works with any Niche

What I Dislike

  1. The training is very detailed and based around complete beginners but does advance in the later phases
  2.  Can be a bit difficult to navigate the dashboard until your familiar with it
  3. Live community Chat can be a bit distracting when trying to work.

My Story Before Wealthy Affiliate

I am not going to bore you with all the messy details of my online ventures. It is not much different from thousands of peoples. I had been floundering around spending a lot of money and wasting my time. And had nothing or very little to show for my efforts.

I lacked direction and chased many opportunities. Shiny objects if you will, all offering to make me Money Fast !!!

We all know or will find out, none of these results are written in stone. 99% of the people buying in to them will FAIL .

One thing that I have been able to accomplish during my time online

I have learned that there are very small nuggets of truth in most of them, one small take away that can be applied in most successful online businesses.

My father always said ” a person can learn a lot from other persons BS, just listen to them “

I am not going to feed you full of BS, my intention is to expose the workings of the program. It’s your  decision if it’s worthy being placed on your list of best home based business ideas .

Things to consider before jumping into this , please do NOT join Wealthy Affiliate if you :

  1.  don’t have some time to invest in your business
  2.  are thinking you are going to get Rich Quick
  3.   get distracted and discouraged easily
  4.  hate to look for solutions to solve problems, that will help you succeed online

You really need to be honest with yourself, earning an income online takes some work. The fundamentals are really quite simple. Write good content and  stick with it until your website builds momentum. It will happen but  it isn’t instant and will take a bit of time. Most people in WA are starting to see growth at the 3-6 month mark. But this will depend of course on how much work you put into your online business.

If it were really as easy as buying solo ads and sending out your affiliate link, don’t you think everyone would be doing it ?

If I haven’t put you off yet,  look at some things you will need to consider before choosing a program to build an online part-time job from home. A business you can eventually scale up to a full time business to  actually make money.


Basic Seo

Building any website to draw attention to your business whether it’s online or Local requires some SEO, (search engine optimization ). Without it your website won’be found resulting in your business failing miserably. Wealthy affiliate has a solution to this common problem for struggling bloggers.


Off-Page SEO

Search engines, especially Google used to rely heavily on back links to your site, thus giving your business a sense of authority. More recently search engines are looking for a social presence, including social profiles and interaction such as comments on blog posts. Search engines see this is an indication of providing real value to your visitors. This again is an area that the Wealthy Affiliate community will help solve. 


Creating content

Given the fact that back links are now being overlooked by search engines ( Google, Bing ) etc. Creating quality content has become the driving factor in ranking your website which results in quality visitors viewing your pages. Some affiliate marketing course’s overlook the importance of this.

Some  programs may  provide you with content that is being used by all the affiliates .This content would be  seen as duplicate content, resulting in the search engines discounting your content as valuable to your visitors.

As a member of the Wealthy Affiliate program the training will coach you to create unique quality content resulting in search engine ranking  . 


What tools does the program offer and what will you need to buy ?

Just do some research before you dive in head first and see what is included in the marketing program . Will you have to open your wallet for additional web hosting. Are there other  fees that will be a drain on your business resources  and enthusiasm .

Why do I consider Wealthy Affiliate to be one of  the best home based business ideas ?

Using the Wealthy Affiliate program most all the tools to succeed are included, the only real cash outlay you will have is if you want your own Domain Name.

The free starter  program offers 2 free domain names which is more than enough to get you on your way.  More on this later as we discuss the details of what is actually included in the Wealthy Affiliate platform.


Social media marketing and a like-minded community

Will the program that you decide on building your business future with provide you with the tools and training to properly incorporate a social presence ? As mentioned above this is a very import factor on having your online business seen ! Wealthy Affiliate has the social issue covered. All members have full access to the very active WA community .


wealthy affiliate earnings proofSome actual results from people just like yourself

As I said I am not going to BS you about how much money I make using this program, in fact there are a few other programs I belong to as well.  It is important to realize that to truly build a successful online business, some diversity may be necessary. I found this to be true especially in the early stages of my business to help off set some of my expenses. This decision is a personal choice and may not be right for everyone .


Inside the members’ area of the 

The user dashboard is used to control most of the functions, such as the active member’s forum, here you can easily get any of your questions answered. You have access to the members training are and the courses that will lead to your Online Entrepreneur Certification. It consists of 5 courses and a total of 50 lessons.

wealthy affiliate training





There is also training specifically concentrated on affiliate marketing.

This is known as the Affiliate Bootcamp training . As you go through the training the system automatically tracks your progress . If you have to  stop in the middle of a training module, the system will start automatically where you left off . There are 7 Courses with 70 lessons on topics from getting rolling to Bing and  Google PPC marketing. 

affiliate marketing training

Training webinars added weekly

You get access to the live events calendar to see upcoming weekly webinars. If you can’t attend the weekly webinar  they are recorded and placed with in the live training class room and you can access them at your own pace. You also get access to over 400 past webinar recordings .

live affiliate marketing training

Jaaxy Keyword research tool

This keyword tool is some of the best SEO software available, it is free to preform unlimited keyword searches for premium members. Free members can search 30 keyword phrases, still enough to get some valuable keyword information for your chosen niche. You can get the full scoop  on Jaaxy here.

jaxxy live training weekly Wealthy Affiliate

The ultimate writing platform

This feature is very powerful and gives everyone the ability to create properly structured and quality content that the search engines absolutely love. You don’t have to be a professional writer to write great content, you just write like you are talking to a friend or family member. Simply hit the button within the writing platform and the software walks you through the suggested edits. Absolutely priceless.

wealthy affiliate writing platform

Site Rubix – Wealthy affiliate hosting & Web Builder solution

You are allowed to host up to 50 websites as a premium member costing $49.00 per month. The hosting is super fast wordpress Hosting. SSL certificates are included with every site you host. It would easily cost 3 – 4 times the membership fee if a person wanted access this type of hosting outside the WA platform. The Site Rubix platform is ideal for beginners and advanced marketers. It literally allows anyone to build a website with a push of a button simply follow the step by step instruction.


So what is taught at Wealthy Affiliate

There are  5 main certification courses that are included within the program

Online entrepreneur certification –

Composed of 10 lessons that will lead you through the steps, to create a business that will generate income.

Build our own free traffic generating website –

10 lesson that will walk you through step by step how to exactly do so.

How to use Social engagement –

Learn how to leverage all aspects of Social Marketing and Social networks.

Creative ways to  Generate Income –

10 lessons focused on the Money part of your business, lets face it that why you are here.

Lesson on how to preform searches and find valuable keywords –

Priceless, Rank you site in competitive and profitable niches using the back door.

How to obtain and leverage maximum results leading to success through creating quality content

Built in writing platform to hold your and create amazing SEO content hand along the way.


Summary of the Wealthy Affiliate program

I personally think that Wealthy Affiliate program is one of the best home based business ideas. It offers all the tools and training that anyone who can stay focused needs to succeed. My recommendation, sign up for a 7-day free account. Take a look around, the program offers a $30.00 discount for the first month when the 7 days are up.

  1. Then upgrade for only $19.00 for a month
  2. Decide if it’s for you and if so
  3. Take the annual payment plan and save again

This will give you a full year to build out your online business. Given whats included it’s a relatively small investment, or just stay at the free level and learn what you can.



My Finial Opinion:

With all the tools and training you get Wealthy Affiliate offers a ton of value . I highly recommend that you create a Free account , ( NO Credit CARD REQUIRED ) by clicking the link below and take a look around .

You will Not be left on your own  because I will message you inside the members area within the first hour of you signing up.

ALSO I am going to offer you a SPECIAL BONUS, if you decide the program is for you and upgrade to  PREMIUM in the first 7 days you will be offered a 59% DISCOUNT . Believe me this is incredible value.


Price: Start Free for 7 days ,  $49.00 per month  

Owners: Kyle and Carson 

VERDICT:  One of the best home based business ideas, Legit opportunity.

Get Your FREE Account Below


If you have any questions or thoughts on this post Best Home Based Business Ideas – Wealthy Affiliate Program,  please take a minute and comment below … thank you Rick  😊

Wealthy Affiliate


7-day free trial


All in one online home based business


Website hosting and page builder


 Keyword research tool,


Step by Step video training



  • 7-day free trial you can check out all the features
  • All in one online home based business solutions
  • Website hosting and page builder included
  •  Keyword research tool, included
  • Step by Step video training, works in any Niche


  • The training is very detailed
  • Can be a bit difficult to navigate the dashboard
  • Live community chat can be a bit distracting

29 thoughts on “Best Home Based Business Ideas – Wealthy Affiliate Program”

  1. This is a great review.  Im going to be honest I am a long time member of Wealthy Affiliate and I stumbled upon this review so I thought I would leave you a comment and say hello.If you are someone looking at a great training platform to learn how to honestly make money online then its time to get off the fence and at least get signed up for free so you can check everything out.This was a great article and very greatly informed.  This is a great review.Dale

  2. Hello Rick! Thanks for your review on Wealthy Affiliate. When I see this review, it makes me know that I am in the right place. The tools WA has is enough for an aspiring blogger to make it in the online business. I love their free starter program and must say that since I started with them, it has been a success all the way. The advantages are so numerous. You did wonderfully well with your review on WA. I hope aspiring bloggers will see this post as it will be of immense benefit to them.

    • Thank you for your comment Gracen, if you ever have any questions please feel free to PM inside WA ..To your success Rick 

  3. I enjoyed your review of Wealthy Affiliate.  Very good job of detailing the likes and dislikes.  You give a very authentic view of what is available and some of the challenges.

    You also present a very realistic view of what it takes to be successful with Wealthy Affiliates or with any solid program for that matter.  Without dedication, commitment, and spending the time one cannot expect positive results.

    Also it was good your emphasis on quality content.  That really is the ticket in ranking.  I have had many pages indexed as a result of spending the time to creat content with value and really caring about my audience.

    I also liked you giving folks a sneak peak inside the members’ area so that they can get a flavor for what to expect.  With all the tools and training available at WA you paint a picture which makes it a no-brainer to join.  Job well done.

    • Thanks for your comment Joseph , yes earning money online is not as simple as pushing a few buttons and buying solo ads like many programs promise . Wealthy Affiliate will give you an honest approach to making money online . 

  4. Good, thorough review of Wealthy Affiliate, Rick.  I was especially impressed with your honesty and how you tried to tell your readers that it’s not a “get rich quick” scheme and that it will take work and time to succeed.  So many other websites promise instant results with no effort.  The fact that it will take time and work to succeed makes me believe that Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal.  The training seems fantastic too.  I think that anyone looking for a legitimate business opportunity online would be wise to take a good look at WA.  I don’t think that the overall program can be beat!

    I’m Grant

    • Hi Grant thanks for your comment , yes I believe that Wealthy Affiliate is the only place to be if you want  to really succeed with affiliate marketing . To your success Rick 

  5. Hi Rick, thank you for this very informative article about Wealthy Affiliate.

    You see, I`ve been with WA for about 6 months now, and yes, I was out of focus for a bit. I was distracted with the option of “getting rich fast” promotions from other affiliate programs, but then i realized that WA is still the best platform. It is true, this really takes time and effort but at the end will give you good results and big-time rewards at the end.
    I am so happy and glad, I am part of the WA community!

    All the best!

    • Hi Hanna thank you for your comment . LOL back to old habits chasing your tail around the net . I am glad you are starting to get focused back at WA , Feel free to PM me any time if you need help with anything , to your success

  6. Hi Rick. Awesome review. I’ve been with wealthy affiliate for about 2 months now and I’m loving it. Although I haven’t started to earn anything as yet, I’m enjoying going through the training. It’s very detailed and I think made in such a way that even a person who has no background in marketing or business can understand.

    • You have definitely made the right choice Tekyia , thank you for your comment . awesome you are at the 2 month period and I would expect that your income will start flowing soon !! To your success .. 

  7. This really is informative and inspiring. You really worked it out precisely. I started wealthy Affiliate early this year too. And I see it’s not a scam actually there has been countless testimonials to it. After trying several online business to no avail, thanks for a friend who showed and lead me to this great opportunity and now I’m working hard to make things happen via W.A.

    • Hi Salim Thank you for your comment. Welcome to WA as you already know the community is very helpful , Please feel free to contact me if you find yourself struggling at, I am always happy to do so . See you inside 

  8. Thank you for sharing the information about Wealthy Affiliate.

    To be successful in online business, it is very important to choose a good system to follow.

    I am with Wealthy Affiliate for a year now. I have learn so much from the training. When I join Wealthy Affiliate, I have no knowledge of online business, now I have passive income from my business.

  9. i have been a member of wealthy affiliate for two years. Wealthy affiliate is incredible for new entrants as per your review and I taught me from grass land up to the time of making money,you have greatly recommended it to all people who are willing to make  has jaaxy keyword research tool which I use everyday for my articles thank you

  10. Hey rick, you have done a great job in your review on wealthyaffiliate. It is a really good platform that is meant for both beginners and experts. They have a lot of tools that can be used to make your life easier when building your online business.

    I would have to say that you were right when you said that it is not a get rich quick scheme. It does require a great deal of work before one is able to start getting results. As long as you follow the training, success in your online business is guaranteed.

  11. You mentioned that Wealthy Affiliate training starts out slow.  If someone had some experience with affiliate marketing, would they find the training to be too basic and not of not much value?  Even without the training, I think the value is there in the hosting, Jaaxy account and support from the community.

    Some of the other programs I have reviewed have extremely dated training…which sucks.  Things change fast, and I’ve heard that Wealthy Affiliate is better than most at keeping up with those changes.

    Any other “hidden” benefits of Wealthy Affiliate you can think of?

    It looks like at the very least it would be worth checking out the free account.  Thanks for the review.

    • Thanks for your comments KMV the benefits of Wealthy affiliate are to lengthy to sum up here in the comments section , I suggest you take it for a free test drive and see what you think. If you are looking for a legitimate opportunity to work online from home this maybe just what you are looking for .I will mention again that this is not a get rich quick type program , succeeding online takes some effort and time , but the results are fairly fast usually 3-6 months using the wealthy affiliate methods and training . 

  12. Hello and thanks for your article. There is so much truth in it. I have been a part of Wealthy Affiliate for a little over a month now and I have had such a positive experience! I would tell anyone interested in starting an online business to sign up right away, as that is how good it is. You are also completely right when you mention that you need to invest time and not expect it to be a get-rich-quick scheme. You will work hard, but the reward is absolutely worth it!

  13. You mentioned that most search engines are starting to disregard backlinks as far as a factor in search engine ranking is concerned. 

    Is there any reason why other affiliate marketing courses are still recommending that I build backlinks? 

    Also, can someone do this while they are working a full time job? I am heeding your warning that this is not a get rich quick opportunity and this will require that I roll up my sleeves. 

    • Hi Jessie , don’t get me wrong on back links , Search engines used to heavily depend on back links as an indication of site authority , lots of back links pointing to your site indicated to the search engines that there must be something important there because everyone is pointing at it ..

      People were scrambling to get as many back links as they could to rank their pages, buying back links ect. 

      Then came Google Penguin which started penalizing sites that had unnatural looking back links and took as your site maybe of poor quality and can’t acquire proper quality back-links by it self. 

      So if you have taken affiliate training telling you to get as many back links as you can , either the training is old and out dated or they simply are not up to date .  

      Quality back links are still a small factor that search engines take into consideration , I personally always go for a back link in my signature, with say an online forum as long as it is relevant to my site . This shows the search engines social  engagement  site authority . My best advice is to offer people real value to solve a problem that they are having and you will be seen by many.

      Absolutely you can still work your regular job and build your online business while using the Wealthy Affiliate training and website building platform . I just want to offer my honest opinion, as with any business online or off line it takes time to build trust with your customers or clients . Wealthy Affiliate is not a get rich quick type scam … It is a proven formula that gives everyday people the best  opportunity to actually build an online business that will succeed . I would recommend that you sign up for the free trial , go through the first 10 lessons that will enable you to build a web site using the free keyword search tool and see what you think of the program   I promise you you won’t be doing this alone . Anyone who signs up will receive a private message from me  inside the members area and i will be available to answer any questions they may have.  To your success !!

  14. Hey i really enjoyed this article, this was very informative and you had a lot of information about WA!  You made a lot of really good points but i do think that this program is good for both beginners ans experts, it offers many tools that you can use for the life of your business.  I need to stop getting distracted and start putting out more and mor content!

  15. Good day Rick, great post. It’s no secret that anyone that learns about wealthy affiliate speaks positive about it. I joined too, just under a month ago, and I reckon that the value that has been put together in the platform by Kyle and Carson is like no other. This is a no brainer product and I recommend anyone looking around online to make an online home business to go for this.

    Many thanks for the review.

  16. I’m a premium member in Wealthy affiliate since September 2018. Even though I’m not earning big revenue from this platform I can tell you that is all worth to try this platform. 

    I’m really flattered that you took your time to shared your experience about wealthy affiliate with others. Every single thing you said about wealthy affiliate is true.

    • thanks for your comment Sujandar , keep working through the training and you will reap the rewards of working online. When talking about the Wealthy Affiliate platform you don’t need to tell mis truths , it offers everyone that joins so much value whether you are a free or Premium member , it is the best opportunity to succeed . 

  17. Wealthy Affiliate Program sounds so familiar. Looking at the points analyzed above, I’m convinced this is worth trying out. Who knows it might be the breakthrough I’ve been seeking online. Thanks for sharing!

    • HI Peter thank you for your comments. If you are wanting to successfully build an online business then yes as I believe that Wealthy Affiliate is the place to be. I mentioned my online struggles on my about me page and won’t bother to repeat it here , but the training and support from within the community are 2nd to none in my opinion. Just the fact that you can not share affiliate links within the Wealthy affiliate community is a breath of “Fresh Air” … Loving every minute of it…. to your success… Admin

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