Best Free Affiliate Marketing Training

free affiliate marketing trainingChances are if you have been online for any amount of time you have heard of affiliate marketing. Today I am going to share my source for the best free affiliate marketing training available online today.

I will provide an overview of the training and leave a link below, that you can  click on to access the training if you are interested. Just so you know, there are NO UPSELLS and you won’t be asked for your Credit card information.

What is affiliate marketing ?

Affiliate marketing is possibly the easiest and most popular way to start earning income online. According to Wikipedia

“Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts”

Best Free Affiliate Marketing Training

There is 100’s of thousands of products, services, software that you can access to sell as an affiliate online. Amazon is a popular platform that many people partner with, and get commissions from promoting and selling various products. You can easily find affiliate opportunities online by doing a “Google Search ” for your chosen industry. For instance, you can use search terms like “affiliate offers for Health products” and get pages of results, and choose an affiliate network that suits .

What does the training consist of :

Best free affiliate marketing training 10 videos that are focused around internet marketing for an online business. You can learn at your own pace and will have access to a 10-lesson course that is part of an Online Entrepreneur Certification offered at Wealthy Affiliate.

The lessons will guide you step by step and teach how to generate revenue so you can build a successful online business. Getting started with this course will be your first step to learn affiliate marketing and realize your potential .


Learning outcomes of the 10 lesson affiliate marketing training :

Learn how to interact with the training and helpful community within WA

  • Explore the process of earning revenue online, like adding affiliate products
  • Create and work towards your list of goals that will be financial and business focused goals
  • Access over half a million niches you can prosper in, so you can start right away
  • Select a foundation Niche, that will be a jump off point for your online business
  • Choose your starting point NICHE for your business
  • How to best optimize your WordPress site … did I mention you can host 2 free web sites?
  • Simple Free methods to make your site friendly for search engines, because you want to be seen
  • How  to rank your website by creating quality content …HINT, you don’t need to be an expert writer
  • Understanding the importance of using keywords and where to use them, as a result your site will rank
  • How to easily search and find low completion keywords… Oh yeah, you also get a free keyword search tool

Take a sneakpeak into the training area and preview the lesson 3 video, Building Your website ,

CLICK HERE To Access Lesson 3

How to put the training into action:

ask questions free affiliate marketing trainingAs you can see. If you have read thus far, this training is not fluff. Not only do you get 10 over the shoulder step by step training videos with check lists.

You get 2 free WordPress websites, hosted on some of the fastest servers around also an industry leading keyword search tool. Plus you have full access to ask any questions related to affiliate marketing. I recommend you do , because you don’t want to be left in the dark.

In Conclusion:

In my humble opinion this is the best free affiliate marketing training you will find online today, because of the features I have mentioned. If you are looking for training that will either get you started or expand and accelerate your existing online business,

Click here to sign up

I will message you via the training platform within an hour of you signing up, because you need any help or have questions.

 Guaranteed, spend ZERO $$$ and will not be asked for your :

  1. Credit card information.
  2. Be required to spend any money for the 10 lessons or 2 websites with hosting .

To your success


If you have any questions or thoughts please take a minute and comment below …

thank you Rick  😊

12 thoughts on “Best Free Affiliate Marketing Training”

  1. Hey Rick

    The Best Free Affiliate Marketing Training seems like an easy to get started program for affiliate marketing training. I have seen so many offers that entice you to sign for $500.00 and then want to up sell you to the first level, the Bronze level and for $100.00 more the Silver and for another $500.00 you could be in the premium training the Gold level. 

    Rather than doing all of that just say this is the price and stop trying to do these upsells. I absolutely hate the Upsells and silly beat around the bush scams. Also the way they set you up, there seems to be more upsells and by the time you are done you have just spent $5,000.00 that you don’t have.

    So the way I understand your offer is that I get 2 free websites and a free keyword tool just for signing up and not buying anything. That is excellent. I think I will give it a try.


    • Yes that is correct Jimmy 2 websites the keyword tool and 10 website building and marketing lessons all for free , No upsells guaranteed  !! You wont be disappointed , I promise you that . 

  2. I want to be a successful affiliate marketer as I have stories of common people who are doing well in this business. What I like most about this business is you donot require to have your own product or service to make money. Thanks for sharing the link to the free affiliate marketing training course I have just completed the first 2 lessons and I am thoroughly enjoying it.

    • Thanks for the comment Sanjay , awesome that you have joined and going through the training stick with it and you will be miles ahead of 99% of the people who are working online today . PM me from the members area if there is anything you have a question about .. To your success !!

  3. I am into affiliate marketing myself and know that what you are saying is very true.

    The old cliche “content is king” is used all the time because it is such a true statement.

    The thing that I like most about your blog is that you let us in on some secrets, which assist the decision making process quite strongly. In fact, if I was looking at this a number of years ago I would have signed up immediately and not fluff around for 6 months.

    By providing direct access to lesson 3, you make it simple and clear how the training process works, and also it is obvious that the training is direct and to the point, immediately!

    You also say that we do not need to be an expert writer, but to me it is not clear what you mean here. Is it that by researching the right keywords your writing task becomes a lot easier? or is it that there is no need to be “an expert” from day one?

    That may be useful information to include for potential customers, and thus make this blog “perfect”.

    • Hi Steve thank you for your comments, What I mean by you don’t need to be an expert writer is all you need to do is write like you are talking to a friend or family member .

       Realize that everyone knows more on any given topic than lets say 90% of the millions of people searching online to solve a problem or get more information.

       I have had many jobs during the course of my life for example I was a Realtor for a number of years ,  as a result I gained experience in that field , realize that you are sharing your opinion on your topic or niche that you writing about . 

      All  you have to do it write like you are talking , inside the Wealthy Affiliate platform is a writing platform that enables you to cleanup sentence structure and punctuation. This writing platform gives you suggestions to clean up your post or article and BOOM you are now a writer . Over time with the training and your own experience writing becomes easier, like anything practice makes perfect. 

      To your success !!

      • Thank you Rick,

        I do understand what you are saying about writing as if you having a conversation, that is something to which I aspire.

        I too use the tool in Wealthy Affiliate which enables you to cleanup sentence structure and punctuation (site content), it is something which is very handy.

  4. I’ve been really struggling to find a solid place to learn affiliate marketing and thank you so much for posting what looks like an awesome option.   I’ve heard people talk about Wealthy Affiliate but i thought they were just referring to affiliates that made a lot of money.  Turns out it’s probably both.

    Will be looking into this for sure!

    • You wont be disappointed Barry , the Wealthy Affiliate program offers so much for free , If you chose to upgrade you will be blown away … Best of luck , thanks for the comment 

  5. Hi Rick,

    This was a really well setup and easy to follow article here. I really like how you were clear about what you were going to talk to us about today within the first couple of sentences, stating about affiliate marketing. No upsells and no credit cards was an important move to start with because I think we both know far too well how many companies out there do this and even trick people once they sign up into a program. I prefer comments like that to begin so I know I’m not having to pay more for more and more. Great use of images! I like how you tied your text with your creative images,and made the images easy to look at with your red arrows. Affiliate Marketing is awesome, and you really can’t lose, you learn so much, and it prepares you for making a great passive income online. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thank you for the kind words Micheal , affiliate marketing is probably the simplest way to start an online work from home job. And yes I agree so many platforms and affiliate systems use the hook to grab you in and then want you to open your wallet and pay through the nose. The Wealthy Affiliate platform does offer great, free affiliate marketing training. Thank you for your comment please check back as I am continuously adding posts.

  6. Hands down the best FREE training out there.

    It just makes sense to give this a go as you literally have nothing to lose! I wish I had found out about this sooner as I just feel like I wasted time and money trying other things.

    It’s possible to do well out of this without ever spending a dime and it’s been proven by numerous people!

    Thanks for sharing


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