Auto Chat Profits Review $400 a Day Plus or Not ?

Many people are looking for quick ways to make money online . While it is possible to make a living on line, the  claims Auto Chat profits are making are totally unrealistic. I decided to take a quick look and post a Auto Chat Profits review in hopes that it will save some people time and money .

PRODUCT NAME – Auto Chat Profits


Price:  starts @ $37.00

Up-sells – monthly costs – YES

Click bank Product – Category  Affiliate marketing

Owners: – Samantha Smith, not a real person

Overall Rating  – 2.8 out of 10 –   Not recommended , Check out my Top recommendation for  making a living online .


Auto Chat Profits Overview

The sales page narrator  Samantha Smith states that this new weird  Robot Technology will net you up to $423.67 per day consistently. If you sign up you will have a new web site built for you using this Robot technology.As your web visitor lads on your site they will immediately be greeted by the Robot.

This is where the interaction starts.

The chat robot asks questions and gives the visitors a selection of answers to chose from . This in turn, directs the visitor to the next question and so on, until the robot has enough information and selects a Clickbank product to sell them. When the visitor purchases the product you end up with an affiliate commission.

After you sign up for your free ?

Auto Chat bot license that costs you $37 .00, yes you heard it right, it’s not free . The misinformation continues and carries on through the entire sales video.

The initial price of $37 .00  gives you the 14 click in 6  minute website with the robot technology . It needs to be integrated with an email service a hosting provider and your Click bank account . The up sells range in price from $197 – $97 and  you a pre- written product reviews, a sales video and some articles to put on your blog.


Auto Chat Profits review The workings

Next you are taken to a screen to setup your the automated money making system .auto chat profits members web site set up

Steps Required to build your web site

  1. Set up and integrate your Clickbank account
  2. choose a domain name for your done for you website using the auto chat profits robot technology
  3. Add the information to connect your own email service provider such as Aweber or Get response
  4.  You get your pre-built auto chat robot website fully loaded with new weird robot technology . Well actually its a chat bot, they have been around the internet for a few years now so nothing really new or weird here ? Your visitor has to answer  yes or no to the question being asked by the chat bot . This will then lead the auto chat profits robot to the next question.



Auto chat profits is a spin off on another Clickbank loser, Five minute profit sites. In my opinion by the same creator because if you have seen both sales pages it is totally obvious.

For starters the earnings statement claims are the exact same, as you can see below . Plus many of the sales material including actors that appear in the videos and product images are either exactly the same or strangely similar.

auto chat profits income claims five minute sites income claims

Pros and Cons of Auto chat profits


  1.  They say there is a sixty day money back guarantee. I don’t have that much experience using Clickbank, but they have been online for a long time. I am assuming that you would most likely get your money back ?


  1. They lead you to believe it’s free but is not, the cost is $37.00
  2. Misleading income claims
  3.  It is clearly a spin off of a past product they have created
  4.  Up-sells are expensive priced from $97.00 to $197.00
  5. On going cost for web hosting , email service and paid traffic .
  6. No control over the content on your website


Who is Auto Chat Profits For?

Auto Chat Profits is targeting the newbie affiliate marketer .  People who are searching for a chance to make extra money online are drawn into  the Done For You website aspect . The claim that you only have to spend 23 minutes a day though misleading is attractive novice marketers.

Summary of my Auto Chat Profits Review  

It’s sad to say that these types of misleading over hyped products are still being pumped out. Anyone that has had any real affiliate marketing training can easily spot these types of products and can steer clear of them. My advice is don’t waste your money on  this product. I have some suggestions for you to consider  if you were thinking about purchasing Auto Chat Profits. If the creators could make that much money from the chat bot, do you think they would be sharing it ?  So I would like to offer you an alternative.

What if I told you that you could create your own Affiliate Marketing website to make money.

If you really are serious about making money online then please take a minute to check this out. You can get started 100% free.

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Here’s a quick overview at just a few of the benefits you would get with a free membership if you take action .

  • Two free websites and hosting on the Site Rubix Platform
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  • Access to a community of helpful, experienced and successful like minded people

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If you have any questions or comments on this post Auto Chat Profits Review $400 a Day Plus or Not ? Please leave them below.

Thanks Rick

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Auto Chat Profits

$ 37.00

60 day money back guarantee


not free


misleading info


upsells are expensive


No control over content



  • 60 Day Refund


  • Not free
  • Misleading income claims
  • Up-sells are expensive
  • On going costs
  • No control over the content

18 thoughts on “Auto Chat Profits Review $400 a Day Plus or Not ?”

  1. Thanks for reviewing auto chat profit. I hadn’t heard of it before, but am glad you brought it to my attention. I have done a lot of research about starting an online business and I probably don’t have to tell you how many times I have run into programs that promise minimal work will lead to huge amounts of money but the unfortunate part is that i always get scammed. I still believe no site can be compared to wealthy affiliate.

    They are just the best

  2. Reviews like this one save me a lot of time and money. Period.

    It is not that I jump in there with my eyes closed but the fact that you have taken the time to find all the pros and cons means that I do not have to and for that I thank you.

    There is so much stuff online that isn’t worth my sparse time and hard-earned money and reviews like this one make it easy for me to read and move on.

    • Couldn’t agree more Lars there is a lot of junk floating around the internet , people are attracted to it because of the sales tactics these guys use , they love to give the impression that you only need to spends a few minutes a day to create real money .  If you are  really looking  for a way to start making a passive income that you can build on then I suggest you take the Online Business Opportunities 3 Reasons to Be A Wealthy Affiliate . Best of luck otherwise . To your success Rick 

  3. I have seen Auto Chat Profits a few times but always thought that it looked like a scam. Thank you for taking the time to research the information! It is crazy that they didn’t even change the numbers on the sales report. I have never paid for a service like this but have heard a lot of bad stories from those who have. What advice would you give to someone who has no affiliate marketing experience but wanted to start?

    • Hi Veronica thanks for your comment , There are a few places that I would suggest to get real affiliate marketing training but Wealthy affiliate is my top recommendation , the link is in my post . This platform is especially good for new people starting affiliate marketing or for those who have tried but aren’t having much success . All the best Rick 

  4. This is a great review and good that you did it so people are aware. This is interesting that you found that they even used the same figures to try to start a new site after the first one failed. Have you tried the site or did you not when you found that it actually cost money when it says free? I can’t believe they are not in trouble with the BBB with offering such an obvious scheme to just get people’s money. Unfortunately, this is what people look to when they say you can’t make money online. Thanks for doing the review.

    • Thank you for your comment Larry , No I didn’t try Auto Chat profits at all . I have had my share of these types of products that claim anyone cam make money online with only few minutes of work a day . I do work online and know very well how much time it takes to succeed . My intention in writing this review was to try to save people some time and money .

  5. I am glad that I came across you post, I wish I can make $400 net a day but it is too good to be true. I have just started blogging for 6 months, so far did not make that much money yet. However, Rome was not built in a day. I am just going to hang in there and working hard. I really hope people who are new to making money online will do their research and see your post before buying into Auto Chat profit. Great review, thanks

    • Thanks for your comment Nuttanee , 6 moths is a relatively short time as there is a lot to learn to really be able to earn an income . As mentioned in my post WA my top recommendation may be just what you need to fill in the gaps . Its free to start and have a look around so may be worth your time ? Best of luck Rick 

  6. Oh dear another dodgy site masquerading as a legitimate make money site. Thanks for highlighting this Rick, I think it’s really important that these sites are reviewed for what they are so that unsuspecting people can avoid being taken for a ride. The more these kinds of sites are ‘outed’ the better. I’ve come across a couple myself where I can see that they are a copy of another site – all they’ve done is change the name and rebrand, likely to avoid bad press stemming from the original site. Then they just keep doing that with new branding. 

    I think there’s a take home message – do your research before entertaining these types of money making programs! If they sound too good to be true, they likely are. 

    I truly believe that affiliate marketing is THE best way to create a sustainable and profitable online business. Thanks for your review Rick and keep up the great work!

    • HI Melisa Thank for your comment and your sound advice , if it sounds to good to be true it probably is . Researching any of the shady programs is so simple ,it still puzzles me how they continue to be around , no doubt the scarcity tactic is one of their favorite methods. 

  7. Thanks for exposing some lies and deceitful claims. I am a wealthy affiliate premium member and I am glad that there is no upsell and down sell or may be I have not reached there yet. At WA expectations are made clear earlier on and there are no surprises. All these reviews are strengthening my trust in WA. 

    • Thanks for your comment GinaO , welcome aboard . I agree 100% , no lies at wealthy affiliate !! To your success Rick 

  8. Not every affiliate marketing are good or can be like Wealthy Affiliate. Other affiliate marketing are imitators of wealthy affiliate which they cannot emulate. At WA, you are taught the ways in which you can go about and run your online business ranging from you owning your own website, choosing your niche, area of interest, how to get ranked by google . When it comes to top notch training for affiliate marketing, WA is the vanguard. 

    • Wealthy affiliate is the Cadillac of all platforms for building a successful online business as of today as far as I know Kinggold 19 , I agree 100% with all your comments , with top notch tools like Jaxxy  it is hard not to get your pages ranked on Google and Bing . You can read my post on Jaxxy SEO keyword tool here  , thanks for your comment . To your success Rick .

  9. Oh boy. Another hyped up product for the newbie affiliate marketer. Thanks for this comprehensive review which will hopefully help the newbie avoid it and save some money in the process. Before I began earning money online I always assumed I was going to have to put a lot of money into the whole process, but I have since found out this is not the case. The most important aspect of running an online business is good SEO practices, consistent targeted content and getting engagement on your site.  I think it is too easy to over complicate the whole thing, but the above points are the foundation of where to start.

    • Thanks for your comment Liz, I agree it’s not that expensive to run an online business as compared to a bricks and mortar business. The only real expense is your time and your absolutely right, good seo practices quality content that will help your visitors and honesty . These are basically what is taught at Wealthy Affiliate . You can read my review here

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