Affiliate Bots 2.0 Review : Should You Buy Or Run Away ?

Welcome to my Affiliate Bots 2.0 Review another software product by Chris X. Chris has been on the internet marketing scene for over 10 years and usually sells his software products on JV zoo. He has recently starting offering his products on ClickBank like many other digital product vendors do. So with the introduction over with, lets get started .  Thanks for visiting my site , I have a free gift for you, you can find it below . Its 10 free affiliate marketing lessons , complete with 2 websites, hosting included . Yes absolutely free.


Affiliate Bots 2.0 Review

I was first introduced to affiliate bots 2 in an email I received a few days ago . below is that email with some names and links removed .

Affiliate “Bots”… The Future Of The Internet?


Have you heard about how some affiliates are making $1k/day? They just find an affiliate program making thousands…

It could be on ClickBank or even JVZoo…Promote it with “automated” “AI” technology…

Then rake in the free commissions, DAILY.

Watch this video to see a LIVE DEMO…

Click here to watch the video

See, this video was created by a guy called Chris. You might know Chris as “the guy that made more than $2 million in affiliate commissions”.

And today, he’s built an insane automated “AI” software suite, ALL focused on affiliate marketing?

Do you know why Chris is so obsessed with affiliate marketing?


  • It’s the ULTIMATE “zero cost” business that anyone can do
  • You can make anything from $5 to $500 in affiliate commissions from 1 sale
  • Affiliate marketing is incredibly EASY to do (IF you have his plug-and-play software)

But here’s where the opportunity comes in…Chris is focusing on the ClickBank, Warrior & JVZoo affiliate networks.

These sites have already paid out over $400 million to people like YOU, but… Only a HANDFUL of marketers are exploiting JVZoo & ClickBank right now

(let alone using it to its full potential).

And that means it’s a FEEDING FRENZY for smart affiliates like us. OK, you probably want to know why I’m so excited about this.

Everything is explained in this video…

The product includes 37 software tools in the frontend .Including our NEW traffic search engine and our insane NEW “Buyer Bot” tool… plus 8 affiliate marketing tools (for ClickBank, JVZoo & Warrior)… video-creation tools, website-builders & more!


Is Affiliate Bots 2.0 worthy of your consideration?

We’re about to find out!

We’ll begin reviewing this brand new Automated Software momentarily. But first, I think it’d be good if I were to very quickly let you get to know me a tiny bit. My name is Rick, the creator of, and helping you to make a decision that you can live with is my top priority with this review.

An unbiased review is the only kind of review worth a damn, in my opinion. So often, I want to learn the actual truth about a product that I’m considering, but am only faced with overly-rosy promotions.

That doesn’t really serve anyone, which is why I’m committed to only giving you the truth.

Let’s be clear, my reviews do earn me a small income. This comes in the form of affiliate commissions whenever the sale of a product that I genuinely see merit in, is made through any of my links.

Make no mistake, this doesn’t raise your purchase price one single cent, nor does it taint the objectivity of this review. I honestly find that a good reputation is far more profitable long-term than is any one-off commission.

Does that sound good?

So disclaimers aside, let’s take a look at Affiliate Bots 2.0 in an effort to uncover the good and the bad. 😉

Affiliate Bots 2.0 Review – What is Affiliate Bots 2.0?

Affiliate Bots 2.0 is a Automated Software Suite that was released on Feb 19, 2019. It was created by Chris X and is available at Click Bank an Online Digital Marketplace.

Pretty clearly it is stated on the Sales page that this Software is said to have the ability to earn you $417 per day. Our question is, does it? Let’s dive in…

What Are Others Saying?

Actual customer reviews are the very first things I take a look at when reviewing any product. Online resources including, but not limited to Techsmash, Sociallead and niche forums will often have several open and honest experiences and opinions, as shared by real humans.

With regard to Affiliate Bots 2.0 itself, it appears as though the overall consensus is actually pretty good overall. It’s simplicity seems to be what people are most impressed by, while some seem turned off by it’s a bit confusing and overwhelming.

This is more than likely due to the fact that you get so much software with this product.

Now, no product is perfect… there are always positive and negative points.

Perhaps now we should take a look at the pros of Affiliate Bots 2.0, as well as the cons…

Affiliate Bots Review – The Good:

  • Price $17.00
  • Easy to Use
  • Good Support
  • 37 New Software Bots
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows

Now certainly, it isn’t all hot cocoa and candy canes because there is always 2 side to every story . 

Affiliate Bots Review – The Not-Quite-So-Good:

  • Can be a bit over whelming
  • Hard to stay focused with so many software options
  • Minimal Training

Those whose reviews were more positive claimed that some of these negative experiences can be avoided if you stay focused or don’t get overwhelmed. Do with that what you will. :

Should You Buy Affiliate Bots 2.0? – Our Verdict:

It’s fair to say, based on many of the reviews left by actual customers, we can confidently say that Affiliate Bots may very well be a product worth investing in. You simply need to remember to concentrate on one software at a time and take a break if you feel overwhelmed.

If you can do that, then you should be absolutely fine going with Affiliate Bots 2.0 via the following link. There is a refund policy as well . But we don’t see any reason to believe that it will come to that. 🙂

Simply head on over to Click Bank by visiting this link now.

I hope you enjoyed my unbiased review of Affiliate Bots 2. 0 and it’s helped you to make a far better quality buying decision.

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If you have any questions or comment on this Affiliate Bots 2 review please leave them below , thanks Rick.

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Affiliate Bots 2.0

$ 17.00

Ease of use


Good quality software


Affordable price




A bit over whelming



  • Easy to use and implement
  • Chris has good reputation for quality software
  • Very affordable
  • Support system


  • A bit over whelming
  • A lot of software , hard to stay focused
  • Minimal training on frontend

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