4 Reasons to Join Wealthy Affiliate as A Free Member

If you are looking for an Affiliate marketing training platform here are  4 Reasons to join Wealthy Affiliate as  a free member. Wealthy Affiliate provides you the exact blueprint you need to start making serious money online. It  is jamb packed with an easy-to-follow, step by step training video course, Super Fast Web Hosting and SEO Keyword Tools.

And you can get started 100% for FREE. You can actually start making money with the free Wealthy Affiliate training as you also get 2 free hosted websites.

4 Reasons to Join Wealthy Affiliate as a Free Member

  • Have you had enough of the get-rich-quick scams that never ever deliver any real results?
  • Are you seriously looking to make a big difference to your bottom line sooner than later ?
  • Do you think you are ready and willing to put the work in, but not sure where to start ?
  • Are you looking for a tried and tested blueprint you can follow to build a successful online business opportunity ?


If You answered yes to any of these questions then Wealthy Affiliate could be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Here is a brief history of my failures online before Wealthy Affiliate

When I joined Wealthy Affiliate in 2014, I was looking for something quick and easy  that would make me money.

So I immediately left Wealthy Affiliate, why ?

Because the program offered a slower, steadier and obtainable plan of attack . This wasn’t for me at all, I was looking for quick cash. I knew of many other online business opportunities that offered just this .

Who would have guessed just how big of a mistake that would be.

I chased many online business opportunities, wasted a lot of time and money . As you probably guessed by now, I failed miserably and wanted to give up, feeling a bit embarrassed. How could I be so stupid to actually believe all the sales HYPE !!

I had spent well over $7000.00 (USA Dollars ) and had absolutely nothing to show for it .

In fact, I did give up during 2016, vowing to never try any other online business opportunities .

Fast forward to 2018

One day during November 2018 I was cleaning up my computer, removing old bookmarks and junk files. This is when I saw an ” old bookmarked link” to the free membership I had signed up to at Wealthy Affiliate .

I clicked on it, to my surprise it took me straight to the login page. The user name and Password that I signed up with were prefilled as they had also been saved.

So as you may have guessed, I clicked the login button and started browsing through the member’s area.

I was looking at the information at Wealthy Affiliate through new eyes. Eyes of doubt and disbelief that online success was truly real.

As I browsed the site there was No Sales Hype, No Get Rich Quick promises or Up-sells.

I was actually a bit puzzled by this because of my previous online experience. At that moment I had seen enough. I decided that I would jump back into the seemingly dark online world and started the free training .

Again as I progressed through the training, still no sales hype, no up sells like most training products I had seen to date. Wealthy affiliate was just providing real affiliate marketing training that I could actually use. I started to believe again that I could actually build an online business .

So I dug into my new-found online business opportunity

I’ve worked hard, and the Wealthy Affiliate training the courses showed me what to do the right way at every single turn. So let me explain what the Wealthy Affiliate platform is .

It’s the ultimate all-in-one online business training. You will be provided  with step-by-step marketing training , beginner-friendly website builders and an amazing community of over 140,000 online budding webmasters.


Here are just a few of the many success blog posts that you will find inside the member’s area


wealthy affiliate success blog post eddy



Click here to read Eddy’s Success Blog Post



wealthy affiliate success blog post


Click here to read littlemama’s success blog post


As you can see Wealthy Affiliate is a valid online business opportunity. It has everything you need to start and grow a profitable and successful online business. Parts of the training is designed for newbies, but seasoned marketers will also prosper because they are guided down the right path.

No Hype,  No up selling, just proven strategies that get results. You can certainly see how this can make a huge difference to your bottom line.

Ready to start your free training ? you’ll get instant access to:

Here are 3 more reasons to join Wealthy Affiliate

1) The best online business training I’ve ever seen online to date

The Online Entrepreneur Certification course is the starting point. The step by step video training and tutorials will lead you by the hand and cover every aspect of building a consistent income for your online business.

training wealthy affiliateBy applying the training that Wealthy Affiliate teaches you, results will follow. As you progress through each course, the lesson builds on the last session, resulting in turning you into a seasoned online business owner.

After you commit to WA you will get full access to 100s of pre-recorded video training webinars. There is also weekly live training with 52 webinars that are added each year. Because they are updated weekly you will be provided with real time information that covers many ways you can make money online.

2) Very Easy-to-use simple and valuable tools

online tools To make serious money online you need a niche website, there’s no way round it. The good news is the days you needed to be a coding expert to have your site up and running are long gone. Now it’s as easy as clicking your mouse a few times using the Wealthy Affiliate site builder platform .

Having a website means you can reach worldwide audience and making money 24/7.

At Wealthy Affiliate you’ll have access to beginner-friendly website builders with super fast hosting. You will get free domains and hosting and a top-level SEO keyword tool to get you started. Never has it been easier for people like us to create beautiful, professional looking sites.

3) A  Super helpful Wealthy Affiliate community of like-minded people

I believe this is where Wealthy Affiliate really shines. You see, it’s way more than training and website hosting and keyword tools. To date it is the largest community of internet entrepreneurs online, all accessible and in one place. Over 140,000 member’s can’t be wrong!

helpful community online business opportunity A group of beginners and experts alike from all over the world helping each other to realize their online income goals.

Join the group and inside the member’s area, you’ll see real member’s getting answers to their questions via the live chat. Swing by the comment areas and topic-based classrooms where you can also interact with member’s . Kyle and Carson ( the developers) and Jay ( the Wealthy Affiliate Live Trainer) are also easily reached inside the member’s area.

And due to the fact Wealthy Affiliate has member’s from all over the world, the site is alive, buzzing with activity 24 hours a day 7 days a week. For you, this means you can get help right away when and if you need it.

I’ve been exactly where you probably are now. I accidentally stumbled back to the Wealthy Affiliate community after falling for some work at home business opportunities that were hoaxes. Foolishly, I believed the people that promised me Push Button Riches because I wanted to make money online.

When I arrived back at Wealthy Affiliate It didn’t take me long to see it is the real deal.

So what should you do next ?

If you want to actually build a real online business or even just kick some tires, Join the Wealthy Affiliate community for free by clicking here 

I mean what do I have to lose, right?

I was ready to learn and take action on making my online income goals a reality .

Within 8 days I finished 10 days worth of lessons and completed every assigned task.  I already had the foundation of my online business and I made my first Wealthy affiliate referral.  Yes you can also be  a wealthy affiliate, affiliate . Once I saw the results I was getting,  I decided to go all in and upgrade to the Premium  annual membership. ( A Huge savings by doing this ). I knew that I had found one of the best online business opportunities , investing in my self was an easy decision to make.

Currently I have 10 web pages Ranking on the First Page of Bing, bringing me Free traffic. I was able to do this using the exact methods you will learn at Wealthy affiliate . As I mentioned above my sites are only 3 months old .

Am I SEO Expert ? Absolutely not! There’s nothing special about me and there’s nothing that I did, that you can’t do as well. .

Oh if you want to checkout the SEO keyword tool for free click here  to read about it .

If you’re willing to put in some work and learn right way to succeed , Wealthy Affiliate will give you the right road to follow and help you get to where you want to be.

 Click HERE For 10 Free Lessons And Start Your Journey To Real Online Success 

No gimmicks, no credit card or hype – just the right know-how and tons of community support

framed profile image wealthy affiliate

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8 thoughts on “4 Reasons to Join Wealthy Affiliate as A Free Member”

  1. Thank you for sharing this great review about Wealthy Affiliate very well explain it how good this platform is for people looking to start a new business online as affiliate marketers. Hopefully more people read your article and choose Wealthy Affiliate as a number one place to learn.

    I join WA couple months ago and is totally worth it and the community is very helpful.

    • Thank you for your comment GV ,Yes wealthy affiliate is not only a great community but the affiliate marketing training is top notch . With step by step training videos like this one on about the affiliate basics and making money with your site 

  2. Now this is a really nicely laid out blog, in every way, I love the content, and specifically the way you have highlighted your own error, by leaving Wealthy Affiliate . Not many would do that, or detail how much you had spent in the pursuit of get cash fast schemes, so full marks for a soul laid bare

    Out of Interest did you profit from the get cash quick schemes, I know you don’t mention it, but I’m just curious really.

    As you have done ,I get pitched with many ventures on a daily basis, or at least did and by some people who are extremely intelligent, so it defies belief that they would, but once I made it clear that I was focused on building my business and list those ventures seem to have stopped which is good.

    One that do come through are reviewed fully and returned via my blog to  help people that are looking for an online business opportunity. 

    Overall I have to say you have been honest and its a good read, which I enjoyed and if it doesn’t attract people in a similar position to you.

  3. I was just like you too. I read about Wealthy Affiliate years ago and I registered bit never returned to follow through. Fast forward to a few years after, I’m a premium member of wealthy affiliate and I’m wondering why I didn’t follow through with it then.

    The perk for me is the wonderful community(family) who are always willing to help whenever you get stuck.

    Thanks for sharing this post,

    warm regards

    • LOL at least I am not the only straggler in the pack , glad you finally found your way back to Wealthy Affiliate … success will follow , cheers Rick 

  4. If you are listing only 3 reasons to be a wealthy affiliate, as for me I have found more than 5resons to be a wealthy affiliate. I may not be able to mention them here because of time constraints but one thing I will like the world to know is that wealthy affiliates has withstood the test of time since over 10 years and they are still doing very great.

    • yes I agree there are many reasons to be a Wealthy affiliate , a tried and true affiliate marketing training platform that actually works . It’s really refreshing after all the junk I bought before life at WA 

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