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framed profile imageHI my name is Rick :

I have been working online to some degree or another for 10 years. In all honesty for the most part failing every step of the way with affiliate marketing  . I have thrown the towel in a few times because I had followed the money instead of actually providing useful information to my visitors.

I started Wealthy Affiliate in 2014 but quickly left to chase Shiny Objects instead of staying and putting in some work. It took me 4 years to realize what a mistake that was.

The internet is full of these “make money fast ” programs … and I have fallen for many of them.

I have spent or actually  ‘wasted’  a lot of money on so called Guru’s training and “earn money quick ” solutions. As you may have guessed I came back to Wealthy Affiliate in Nov 2018 , I was able to look at the training I had left with a new outlook .

This is one of my websites  I currently run . This site as of Feb 1 2019 is 3 months old and currently I have 6 pages ranked on the first page of search results of Bing bringing me free traffic daily.

While my earnings aren’t huge yet I am generating a passive income with my sites. This is more than I  achieved before returning to Wealthy Affiliate and it is a direct result of the step -by-step affiliate marketing training . You can Click Here to read my Wealthy Affiliate Review and decide for yourself if you are ready to actually start your own journey working online. To your success. Rick